Proper Wording For Wedding Invitations

Traditional Wedding Invitations Wording

Learning the traditional etiquette for wedding invitations is a great place to start when deciding how you will word your invitations. However, there are a lot of guides and lots of rules out there on this subject, and a lot of people get confused and frustrated with trying to stick to what’s “right.” Remember that these invitations (like your wedding itself) should be a reflection of YOU…if you feel like breaking from tradition and doing something a little different, you should! If sticking to traditional etiquette feels right to you, we can help with that too.

MyGatsby Word Wizard for Wedding Invitations

The MyGatsby Word Wizard will help you create the prefect verse for your special occasion, Simply select your “scenario” to view a collection of appropriate verses from which to choose. After entering your information and editing the text as you choose, you’ll be able to view and save your customized message.

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