Choosing the Right Paper for Your Wedding Invitations

The kind of paper you choose for your wedding invitations can set the tone for your entire event.

The time honored description of a formal invitation would be using papers that are made from cotton or wood with a white or ecru color. Ecru is also known as white, cream, ivory or egg shell. Ecru has been deemed to be more popular in the Americas while white was more popular in Europe. Formal wedding invitations are also known to have a fold on the left hand side and open like a book. The paper may either be plain or paneled. Paneled invitations have a blind embossed frame. One criteria for choosing a paneled or plain invitation is the type style chosen. Script lettering tends to look better on a plain invitation while other styles tend to look better on a panel.

Definitions of the kind of paper you may see are as follows:

100% cotton: Because this paper is smooth and pure it is the most desirable and used for the most formal invitations. And yes, it costs more.

Linen: This is an invitation favorite. It has a linen cross weave texture in comparison to the pure smooth cotton stock.

Mylar: You’ve probable seen this type of material as a balloon somewhere. It’s very shiny and mirror-like in appearance. It is popular for casual events like birthday parties.

Moire: Named after the fabric, this stock bears subtle watermarks.

Jacquard: Paper that looks layered. It is screen-printed to achieve the layered appearance.

Corrugated: This resembles the ridged, wavy cardboard you sometimes find in boxes. It’s thick and usually found in contemporary, edgier invitations.

Vellum: Vellum was originally known only as a cream cotton blend paper with a smooth finish, less expensive than 100% cotton. There is another type of paper, translucent vellum, which is transparent and very different than a cream cotton blend. People often shorten translucent vellum to just ‘vellum’.

Translucent Vellum: Sometimes referred to as “vellum”. This is a translucent paper that is transparent in color and smooth in finish. You’ll see a lot of this used as overlays or sometimes invitations.

Parchment: Cloudy, translucent paper that creates an airy, dreamy effect.

Cardstock: offers a variety of cardstock, varying in weight, material and texture. Please view our entire cardstock selection for more details.

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