Fun and Easy Ideas for Custom Wedding Invitations

Customized wedding invitations are a rising trend, but why the popularity? Customized wedding invitations reflect a shift in the general wedding culture, which is placing more of an emphasis on unique style and personal expression. Now that couples are getting married older and have already attended countless weddings, they don’t want to go for the generic experience but want to put some personal spice into their ceremony. And that’s exactly what customized wedding invitations accomplish.

Much like the accessories we wear in real life, accessories, bling, and other extras function as that little something extra that set your wedding invitation apart from the bills and advertisements in the mail – as well as other wedding invitations. A little customization to your wedding invitations can go a long way; adding custom touches to your wedding invitations makes them scream “I’m special! Open me!”

There are many different types of wedding invitation accessories to choose from. A few of the most common invitation embellishments include ribbons, pressed flowers, wax seals, crystals or charms. Any of these delightful accents can be a great way to take your invites from ordinary to extraordinary with minimal effort and expense. Plus, there’s less chance of your custom wedding invitation getting lost amongst the junk mail!

If you are going for classic wedding invitation look there’s nothing like a beautiful ribbon to seal in the romantic appearance of your invite. Anything wrapped in a bow is bound to breed excitement, and a wedding invitation is no exception. From twinkly and sparkly to shiny satin, thick luxurious grosgrain or traditional velvet, ribbon is a great way to add texture and character to your invite. Wrap ribbon around your wedding invitations and tie a fancy bow, or cinch it with a sassy buckle for added flair. You could even find small charms that match your wedding theme (seashells for a beach wedding? leaves for a fall wedding?) and use them to fasten the ribbon.

Nothing brightens a person’s day like getting flowers delivered! Pressed flowers are a great added invitation accessory for spring weddings or a rustic theme. Available in a wide range of colors and types, the perfect dried flower can complement your invitation’s color scheme and put a smile on your recipients’ faces.

Going for a sassier look or planning a diamond themed wedding? Add Swarovski crystals or rhinestones for a beautiful, sparkling wedding invitation. Not only will the added glitz give your invites some special shine, it will add a 3D element that can’t be missed!

For the ultimate in customization, consider including a photo of the future bride and groom with each invitation. If you are high school sweethearts, you could insert a prom picture in your wedding invite. Or if you met later in life, how about a picture of the two of you when you first met or a current picture taken at the location where you met? Including your baby pictures is also a cute idea, or you could include your favorite engagement photo. However, you choose to do it, including a picture in your custom wedding invitations is one more great way to get guests in the right frame of mind for the big day!

To add one last final touch to your wedding invitation, consider adding a wax seal. Seals come in a wide variety of designs and can lend an artistic, personalized touch while still conveying a sense of formality and old-fashioned romance. A design that complements your wedding invitation or the bride and groom’s initials will have recipients eager to open your invite.

Whether your invitation taste is quirky or classic, customized wedding invitations are a great way to combine professional quality with a personal touch. No matter how you decide to customize your invitations just remember to stay true to your personality. Your guests will get a glimpse of your individuality through the invitation, and you will start your wedding off with a bang!

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