Planning: 12 Tips for Planning an Engagement Party Part II

In our first installment, we shared the first half of the tips you should have for planning an engagement party.  The second installment includes tips on delegating and personalizing the event. Select a venue. Classic venues include a restaurant or a home, but less traditional places work well, too.  Also consider someplace non-traditional, such as
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Planning: 12 Tips for Planning an Engagement Party (Part 1)


The engagement is on, and you’re excited.  Who wouldn’t be?  You’ve started a new phase in life, and soon you’ll be planning for your wedding day.  But before that starts, you’ll need to take in the celebratory vibes that only a wedding engagement can bring; hence the purpose of the engagement party.  We’d like to
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Planning: Need to Plan the Perfect Wedding?

Need to Plan the Perfect Wedding? Don’t know where to start? Frazzled? Unsure? If you feel any of the above, then this checklist is for you!Get on the right path with the right checklist to guide your wedding. The average engagement is sixteen months, so this guide follows that time frame. 16 Months Before Before
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Planning: Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

wedding table

You’re engaged to the man of your dreams, and you couldn’t be more excited to start planning the wedding of your dreams. But, where do you even start? Chances are you’ve probably never planned a wedding before. You don’t know when you should send invitations or how to create a perfect wedding registry. And, that’s
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Inspiration: Stylish Takes on Christmas-Themed Weddings

Christmas Wedding

Winter can create some beautiful natural wonders, while Christmas brings joy and festivity to the season.  Why not take advantage of what both have to offer for your upcoming wedding?  Some may initially shy away from a Christmas-themed wedding, but such events can be every bit as elegant and stylish as any other theme you
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Advice: Wedding Venue- Charley Creek Inn

Finding the right wedding venue has turned into quite the challenge. Every couple wants to have a place that showcases themselves and their unique personalities in it.  More and more couples have opted for venues outside of churches or gardens and are looking for places like vineyards and old classic buildings. Well, if you’re into 1920’s style architecture,
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Planning: The Ultimate Wedding Planning Timeline

So you’re recently engaged? Congratulations! Being engaged is one of the most exciting times in your life. You’ve probably been dreaming about this moment since you were a little girl. There are parties and dresses and, at the end of it, you get to marry your best friend. However, while it is fun and exciting,
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Bridal Shower Ideas: I Dough, er I mean I Do!

 Want a yummy and new way to enhance any of your wedding activities??? Here’s a dish on a sweet new item to give your guest. It’s called Edoughble ready to eat cookie dough. Cookie Dough! Who doesn’t like cookie dough? I know I’ve many time taken a nice chunk out while making cookies. But of
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