Wedding Party

The Groom: Groomsmen DOs and DON’Ts


Whether you’re the groom’s good friend or a relative, your main duty is to be a constant support system for your buddy leading up to his wedding.  This can be a very stressful time, and as a groomsman, your attitude and positivity can make all the difference.  Plus, by being such a caring, awesome guy
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The Bride: Maid of Honor Responsibilities

Bride Friend

The bride chooses her Maid of Honor because she is her most beloved friend or sister. The name Maid of Honor is given to the primary bridesmaid, if the woman is unmarried.  She may also be called the Chief Bridesmaid, or Matron of Honor if she is married.  A bride could also have a Junior
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Wedding Party: How to be the Worst Best Man, Ever

worst Best Man Ever

Most articles you read are all about how to be the best at something; the most gracious hostess or host, the best dressed, the most supportive maid of honor or best man. Reading those articles can get boring after awhile so I’ve decided to write a series of articles about how to be the absolute
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Wedding Party: 7 Things You Should Know As a Maid-of-Honor

Maid of Honor Tips

Through meltdowns, laughter, anticipation, and tears of happiness, it is your job to play the role of advisor, party planner, referee, and friend as the maid-of-honor (MOH). To make sure you are prepared for everything that being a maid-of-honor calls for, we’ve create a list of important things you should know in this involved role:
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Wedding Party: 5 Ways To Be The Worst Bridesmaid Ever

In doing research for your wedding, I’m sure you’ve come across more than a few articles that give tips and ideas on ways do to things the “right” way, from being a gracious bride to planning a reception that will be comfortable and enjoyable for your guests. This article takes a different approach, by pointing
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Wedding Party: The Duties of a Groomsman

At first glance it may not seem that groomsmen have too much to do.  The best man tends to plan the bachelor party and the groomsman just coughs up a little cash and shows up right? Well, looks are deceiving. There is plenty for a good groomsman to add to their to do list.  Here
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Wedding Party: Meet and Greet Party

Quite often, the attendants of the bride and groom meet for the first time at the rehearsal.  In order to solve this, you may want to consider hosting a casual get together where everyone can be introduced to each other. Schedule this event when most of your wedding party is available.  A time in the
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Wedding Party: Some Wedding Thoughts – The Bachelorette Party

Whenever there is a wedding there almost always comes a bachelor party and bachelorette party, a tradition started in Europe that slowly grew and migrated to the United States. The bachelor and bachelorette parties are when the groom-to-be and bride-to-be get together with their friends and celebrate their last free night as a single man and woman.
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The Wedding Day: Kinds of Gifts for the Bridal Party

It is customary for the bride and groom to get the bridal party some sort of bridal party gift to thank them for being a part of the ceremony and helping celebrate the big day.  The gifts do not have to be outrageous or expensive; something simple and heartfelt will suffice. For the bridesmaids, you can
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