Flowers: Striking Flowers for Holiday Weddings

White poinsettia holiday flowers for wedding

Flowers are a beautiful part of wedding décor that can really help set the tone or theme of your wedding. If you’ve chosen a cozy winter wedding around the holidays, you’re in luck! There are so many beautiful flower options to complete your décor and subtly reinforce the holiday spirit.


Advice: Cascading Florals for Weddings

Wedding Flowers

Cascading bouquets (also known as waterfall bouquets) are enjoying more popularity. One might get impressions of days of long ago of formal brides holding enormous arrangements. However, contemporary cascading bouquets are stylish, elegant, and very becoming. These bouquets can range from rustic arrangements of willowy wildflowers, to magnificent sweeping flows of orchids. They are an
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Your Winter Wedding: Flowers

A soft blanket of snow looks beautiful to accompany any wedding ceremony. Although you may not think it at first, snow allows for a vast color selection for your weddings. Both neutrals and light colors such as blush or ice blue look just as great as deep shades such as purple and garnet. Plus, in
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Winter Wedding Floral Trends: Embellished Bouquets

winter floral

One of the essentials for a bride walk down the aisle is to have a bouquet in tow. Traditionally, these bouquets were made of roses, baby breath flowers, and leaves. This season, however, brides who are planning a winter wedding are adding a whole new twist to their bouquets. Feathers: Since this season is all
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Flowers: Fall Wedding Flowers Guide

Over and over brides are simply told to get what is in season to save money on wedding flowers.  This leaves them with no idea of what flowers they will have agreed to use by the end of their first meeting with a florist until that meeting happens. Here is a very simple and basic
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Flowers: Wedding Bouquet How To – Part 2

Putting the bouquets together isn’t nearly as difficult as you may think, but that doesn’t mean it is super easy either; it just takes time. Consider calling in reinforcements like your mother or grandmother if you need help. There really isn’t a “specific” way to go about this. But one way would be to have
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Flowers: Wedding Bouquet How To – Part 1

One option to save money on the bouquets is to put them together yourself.  Here’s just one example. Of course, you can modify this to fit your specific wedding colors. Plan to spend several hours in your local hobby store. You may consider a long very leafy stem of sage with cream flowers (or whatever
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Flowers: Wedding Flower Checklist

In addition to the flowers you will need for the wedding party and family members, you will need flowers for the ceremony and reception sites. Use this handy checklist when shopping for flowers so you’re sure not to forget anyone: Flowers for the Wedding Party: Bride’s Bouquet Tossing Bouquet Matron/Maid of Honor Bouquet Bridesmaid Bouquets
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Flowers: Fall Wedding Flowers

Autumn is naturally one of the most beautiful times of the year.  It conjures up thoughts of bright foliage and a rich palette of color: golden yellows, oranges, deep reds, browns, deep purple, copper and peach.  Choosing the right flowers and decorations for your fall wedding will add color and magic to your special day.
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Flowers: Fall Wedding – Colors and Flowers

A fall wedding can be very beautiful with the natural colors of the season and the beautiful memories and photos that come with it are sure to be cherished. It is a beautiful time to have a wedding with the seasons changing and beautiful warm leaves falling from the trees. Falling Leaves Wedding Invitations The
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