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Shout Out: Don’t Whine, Have Some Wine!


Vineyards keep growing in popularity in the wedding world. And why not? The romantic atmosphere, the delicious food, and yes of course there’s the wine. (Which is really all you need!) We found a great winery that is a blend of sophistication and rustic beauty. Welcome to Two EE’s Winery. Two EE’s has only been open
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Shout Out: Simply Rachel Photography


We recently made friends with Simply Rachel Photography. She’s a photographer that is causing quite a stir for her beautiful photos. She specializes in Weddings Photos, Engagement Photos, Family Photos, Senior Photos, and Maternity Photos. All of them are fun and in her own unique photography style. Of course we were interested in the wedding
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Bridal Shower Ideas: I Dough, er I mean I Do!


 Want a yummy and new way to enhance any of your wedding activities??? Here’s a dish on a sweet new item to give your guest. It’s called Edoughble ready to eat cookie dough. Cookie Dough! Who doesn’t like cookie dough? I know I’ve many time taken a nice chunk out while making cookies. But of
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Shout Out: Real Art for Budding Picassos

Rachel is just 6 and has already received countless remarks about her art.  It didn’t take long for our family to start thinking “We’ve got artist on our hands!”.  I started signing Rachel up for various art camps and classes only to find myself and Rachel frustrated.  Many of them were nothing special, nothing extraordinary
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Shout Out: The Very Best Save the Date Magnets

I can’t tell you how many requests we receive for Save-the-Date Magnets. We do paper really, really well, but magnets… they just aren’t our thing. Out of the blue, I received a call from Jeff Jessee, co-owner of A Giftful Heart.   Jeff believes that his company produces the very best save-the-date magnets your money can
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WedPics: Real-Time Shareable Memories

I remember attending my aunt’s wedding when I was about eleven; I loved that she provided disposable cameras for guests to capture candid shots.  I thought it was just so neat and I had such a great time trying to take artsy, fun pictures for them to enjoy.  They surely got a few laughs out
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Shout Out: Wedding Photographers by Budget

I value my time. Like many of us, my time is my most precious resource.  So much so, that I’m often thinking of ways I can accomplish my tasks faster, better, and more efficiently. Mike Rheaume and Reid Warner had a similar thought process.  When Reid was engaged to be married in 2007, he and
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Shout Out: The Best of the Best Wedding DJ’s

Generally, Joe needs no introduction.  And dare I say it, but generally, Joe doesn’t need any charitable publicity from people like me to promote his business.  That’s not what this segment “Shout Out” is about, though.  The purpose of my monthly musings is to recognize businesses and people who are the very best at their
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Shout Out: Wedding Blogs

If you’re newly engaged, recently married, a wedding professional, or even a wedding junkie – chances are, you’ve frequented a wedding blog or two.  These online lifestyle resources serve up daily inspiration, style trends and eye candy for the masses. Here’s a snapshot (literally) of 5 absolutely FABULOUS blogs I’m loving this month:   1.
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Shout Out: NC Wedding Planning Resource

Southern Bride & Groom Magazine, the Triangle’s first bridal publication, is celebrating a rather remarkable milestone this year.  2012 marks the 25th year they’ve been in publication! That’s no small feat for any business! There is no doubt that the Print & Publication Industry has been struggling.  However, the leadership at Southern Bride & Groom marches
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