Party Ideas

Advice: Wedding Venue- Charley Creek Inn


Finding the right wedding venue has turned into quite the challenge. Every couple wants to have a place that showcases themselves and their unique personalities in it.  More and more couples have opted for venues outside of churches or gardens and are looking for places like vineyards and old classic buildings. Well, if you’re into 1920’s style architecture,
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Bridal Shower Ideas: I Dough, er I mean I Do!


 Want a yummy and new way to enhance any of your wedding activities??? Here’s a dish on a sweet new item to give your guest. It’s called Edoughble ready to eat cookie dough. Cookie Dough! Who doesn’t like cookie dough? I know I’ve many time taken a nice chunk out while making cookies. But of
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Party Ideas: Are We Having Fun Yet?

Don’t take yourself too serious Yes, this is your special day but let’s not forget you are not the first or that last person to get married.  Look to make your day memorable but if you try too hard you may miss your mark. Look for key opportunities to make things a little less formal.
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Party Ideas: Make the Wedding Party Last

A couple’s wedding day should be a dream come true.  Is a few hours of partying really enough time to celebrate that special day with their family and friends? If not, here are some great ways to have a wedding celebration last all day, all night and maybe even the weekend! There are even a
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Party Ideas: Host a Carnival Party

Nothing says childhood and summer like a carnival. It may be impossible to really hold a carnival in most of our backyards; however, the spirit of a carnival makes for a great party.  Bringing home the food, music and sparkle of the carnival can be easier than it may seem.  Many of these ideas can
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Party Ideas: Hosting a Luau – Continued

Feed the Masses Food for a luau is often food that is fit for a king. Think luxury and decadence meet home cooked goodness. Some great choices are as follows. If a local barbeque place is available find out if they will cater an entire roast pig.  Some places will even add an apple in
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Party Ideas: Hosting a Luau

A summer luau doesn’t have to be a luxury only those of us who can go on tropical vacations can experience. It is a simple, casual atmosphere that appeals to guests both young and old and provides a super relaxed atmosphere where guests can simply have fun.  It is really quite simple to host a
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Party Ideas: Throwing a Movie Night Party

There is always an excuse to be found to invite family and friends to gather.  When birthdays and holidays aren’t coming often enough, try throwing a movie night. Choose a Subject It can be a movie, a movie series, a TV show premiere or an awards show.  Choose what you will be watching so other
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Party Ideas: Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas for many is a very spiritual experience especially for adults. However, with all the money we spend at Christmas time it can be easy for us to lose the magic of Christmas as adults. Children revel in the idea of Santa Clause and presents without worrying about the credit cards later. It may be
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