Flowers: Striking Flowers for Holiday Weddings

White poinsettia holiday flowers for wedding

Flowers are a beautiful part of wedding décor that can really help set the tone or theme of your wedding. If you’ve chosen a cozy winter wedding around the holidays, you’re in luck! There are so many beautiful flower options to complete your décor and subtly reinforce the holiday spirit.


Bridal Shower: Holiday Themed Showers

Red and gold poinsettias with pine branch and berries

Throwing a themed bridal shower is the perfect gift for a new bride-to-be, and no party will be better than a holiday themed bridal shower. Choosing a theme to match the winter holidays opens up a world of festive possibilities because you can draw inspiration from some of the most favored holidays of the year.
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Holiday: DIY Valentine’s Day Card Ideas

Simple red, white or pink card stock can be turned into awesome and unique Valentine’s Day cards for friends and sweethearts of all ages. Homemade Valentine’s Day cards are a great way to let everyone know you care and make a great craft project for kids. Here are a couple tips to start with, but
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Holiday: No Knife Jack O’Lanterns

There are a few ways to create jack o’lanterns without cutting and without flame. These ways are simply safer when young children are around. Paint it- Use a wax crayon to set lines for the design or face and use acrylic paint and brushes to paint the design on the pumpkin. Play “Mister Pumpkin Head”-
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Holiday: Halloween and Trick or Treating Safety and Comfort

Halloween is a great day of the year for children. They get a ton of candy and get to act the part of their favorite celebrity, magic being or creepy crawly. Even many adults easily get roped into the spirit of Halloween. Trick or treating is a popular Halloween tradition but there are pros and
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