Beauty: Pretty Flats for Modern Brides

Today’s brides are all about doing things with their own, unique style. Whether it is an extra-long train, bouquets made of jewels, or a blue wedding gown, brides are now embracing their own unique style, and it looks amazing. When it comes to a bride’s footwear, there’s a new wedding trend surfacing that has brides
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Beauty: Wedding Hairstyles for You


Figuring out the best hairstyle to have on your wedding is crucial! Especially when you browse through your wedding photos. You don’t want to look back to one of the biggest days of your life and remember a bad up-do.  Whether your hair is long, short, course, fine, curly, or straight, there is a perfect
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Beauty: Bridal Beauty DOs and DON’Ts


Every soon-to-be bride is concerned about the way her wedding photos will turn out.  While having a bad hair day can easily be fixed with a touch of hairspray, other problems can be avoided if preventative measures are taken.  Here we have some beauty DOs and DON’Ts that can jump-start your way to a healthy
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Beauty: 5 Wedding Beauty Tips – Donts

The most important part to be ready on your wedding day is your heart, that’s true. However, you want to make sure the rest of you is ready to be the center of attention. You will surely want to exude outward all those wonderful feelings you’re experiencing, and confidence in your appearance will certainly help.
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Beauty: Hair Down at Wedding

Many brides dream of wearing their hair down on their wedding day in long soft romantic curls. However, achieving this look can prove to be almost as difficult, if not more so, than the sought after tight up-do so many other brides desire. But, if it’s soft and romantic you desire, we’ve got some pointers for you.
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Beauty: Manicure Tips

There is no doubt that people are looking at your hands more and more now.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are yelling “look at my ring, look at my ring!” and flashing your rock to anyone who will look. It can also occur from the fact that something sparkly on your finger is catching
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Beauty: Pedicure Tips

Taking care of your feet is an important part of taking care of yourself. It’s not a complicated thing to do in fact it can be easy, fun, and is most definitely worth it. You’ll especially want pretty toes if you are wearing open toe shoes at the wedding and reception. But even if you
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Beauty: Skin Care Tips – Part 2

Now that the “how to take care of the inside” has been established it’s time for you to deliberate and decide on what type of skin you have. Is it on the oily side? Dry all the time? Super sensitive? Even if it is all of the above, we have some tips for you. Cleanser: We
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Beauty: Skin Care Tips – Part 1

One of the keys to a beautiful wedding day look is beautiful skin. Not all of us have been blessed with that flawless airbrushed look skin we see on the faces of brides in magazines. So it is important to have a healthy beauty routine. One that you know you can follow. It is equally
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