American Wedding: DIY Projects for Weddings


The fall season is the perfect time to have a beautiful outdoor wedding. With the changing colors, there are endless ways to decorate. When planning your wedding, you likely won’t have the budget to include absolutely everything you’d like to in the festivities. Don’t worry. There is a solution. Do it yourself! Here are some
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DIY: Wedding Ideas on a Budget

DIY Painted Glass Votives

If you’re looking to save some green on your wedding while adding a creative, personal touch that your guests will appreciate, look no further! We’ve put together a list of our top five simple DIY Wedding Ideas that budget-savvy brides will love. 5. Twine and Paper Doily-Wrapped Tableware The traditional linen-wrapped tableware are the go-to
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Wedding Colors: Blush Pink and Gold

Gold Wedding Cake

Timeless and romantic, a Blush Pink and Gold Wedding looks like something ripped right from your favorite fairy tale. Hues of feminine pink find their perfect match in elegant, rich gold creating a warm and inviting atmosphere your guests won’t ever forget. One of the most endearing aspects of a blush pink and gold wedding
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DIY: 10 Ways to Package Wedding Favors


As a recently engaged bride, it’s safe to say I’ve been knee deep in the wedding planning process. I hit the ground running contacting vendors, venues, finding my dream lace wedding dress, and so on. Once the main tasks were checked off my to-do list, I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. But now I was
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DIY: Recycle Your Wedding – Wine Bottle Vase Project

Every year billions of greenhouse flowers are used for weddings not to mention everything else that ends up in the landfill and the water and energy used to clean the items that don’t.  Many people believe it is simply cheaper not to “go green” and once upon a time that may have been the case
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DIY: Valentine’s Day Kids Craft Ideas – Continued

Thumb Creature Valentine: What you make: This project makes a simple Valentine’s Day card that is still very much homemade. What you need: Paintbrush White acrylic paint Paper plate Colored card stock Black and pink markers How you do it: Use the paint brush to spread a thin layer of paint on the bottom of
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DIY: Valentine’s Day Kids Craft Ideas

Valentine’s Day can be a great excuse for a children’s craft project. It also gives a chance to teach children to take the time to do something special for their friends.  Here are some easy and simple craft ideas that can all double as Valentine’s Day cards.   Love Rocket   What you make: This
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