Advice: Versatile Options for Flower Girl Dresses

girl holding flowers

  A stunning and elegant bride will make her way down the aisle surrounded by family, friends, coworkers, and a very special wedding party. Each person plays a vital role in the celebration of the two people who are choosing to spend their lives together forevermore. Each detail has been carefully planned, and that includes
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Advice: Dapper Accessories for Groomsmen

mens accessories on top of vest

Even though everyone who attends a wedding is looking forward to seeing the bride, there is, of course, some excitement to see the men all dressed up as well. For many groomsmen, taking part in a wedding is one of the few times they’ll have to really clean up and look their best, so it’s
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Advice: Early Morning Boudoir Inspiration

The months leading up to a wedding can be some of the most hectic you will ever experience.  Every day you are dealing with another aspect of planning. No matter what type of wedding you are planning, there is no escaping the ever-growing number of tasks to knock off the checklist before the day finally
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Advice: Wedding Day Tips from Brides

Brides will spend months (and maybe years) planning their wedding day down to the very last detail. From cake tasting to choosing the right venue, we can get caught up in the tiny details and forget what the day is truly about—celebrating the love between two people. Whether the wedding is big or small, unique
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