Wedding Invitations Perfect for Fall Weddings

wedding rings autumn leaves

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life. Looking into the eyes of your beloved and promising to love and honor them is a memory that will bring you joy throughout your lifetime. While there is no guarantee your day will be perfect, taking the time to plan your special day carefully will put you well on your way to ensuring your wedding goes off without a hitch.

Once your venue is selected, your dress is purchased and your cake is ordered, the next important item on any bride or groom’s checklist is selecting the wedding invitations. The right invitation is essential. Not only will your invitation provide the important details, such as date, time, and location, they will also give your guests a sneak peek into the type of wedding they will be attending. Opting for a more formal-style invitation will let your guests know they may need to purchase a lovely new dress or suit for the occasion, whereas a less-formal invitation will let guests know they may be okay attending in jeans and a nice blouse or button-up.

Regardless of the formality of your invitation, choosing one that suits the time of your wedding is also important. Fall weddings are lovely, and all the vibrant autumn hues increase the options for wonderful and exceptional wedding invitations. With that in mind, here are some fabulous invitation ideas to embrace the beauty of autumn.

buck doe invitation wedding


Embossed invitations are always a hit. With interesting textures and a high-end feel, sending these to your guests will automatically provide an air of elegance. Whether your day is more formal or more relaxed, the number of patterns you can use for embossing will easily send the right vibe. For a cool, country feel, you can opt for something fun and whimsical, like a buck or doe. For a more formal event, using a swirling leaf pattern will give a touch of sophisticated fun to your wedding invitations.

Lovely Leaves

If you ask someone what they imagine when they think of fall, chances are they will mention the leaves changing into beautiful reds, yellows and oranges. Incorporating these colors and the leaf patterns themselves into your invitations is a perfect way to mark the season, while still making your special day stand out.

With all the varying types of leaves, you can easily transfer a common theme into something new and unique. Even if your color pallet isn’t reflective of fall colors, incorporating non-traditional colors into the leaf patterns will make your wedding invitations both interesting and eye-catching.

flower wedding invite

Falling for Flowers

If leaves are not quite your cup of tea, florals are an amazing option. Flowers are perfect if you desire of something that is both feminine and flirty. For a fall wedding, using seasonal autumn blooms, such as Asiatic lilies, dahlias, or oak leaf hydrangeas, will not only keep your wedding in the fall theme, but it is a wonderful way to inject extra color. Combining several types of flowers is also a fabulous way of providing patterns and textures to your wedding invitations, increasing their overall visual and tactile appeal.

Be Natural

Adding a touch of nature to your wedding invitations will never steer you wrong. Using something that grows stronger with age, like a beautiful tree, is a wonderful way to express the strength of your love with no words at all. Adding in secret touches — like your initials woven into the branches or having the branches twine into a heart — will make the invitations even more meaningful for such a significant day.

For a more quintessential fall look, adding in acorns or pumpkins will allow you to celebrate the season with your guests while also inviting them to attend your nuptials. Mixing in some of these fun elements with more traditional ones will work fabulously for a more relaxed or country-style wedding.

Even with a merry fall element, you can easily give a more formal impression by selecting a more classic font. Opting to use a metallic finish or raised lettering are also excellent additions to any invitation that gives them a dash of luxury and provides a nice balance to the more whimsical natural additions.

Final Thoughts

No matter your color selection, incorporating the stunning textures, shades and patterns of fall can guarantee timeless invitations to mark your special day. However, making sure to take the time to examine the various options and compare them to your personal preferences is essential in making sure you have a perfect representation of not only this amazing day but of who you are as a couple. Lastly, do not forget to remind each other this day is celebrating you and your love, so try your best to relax and enjoy each other.