A Wedding Fit for a Queen: Our Favorite Elegant Wedding Invitations

Every detail of your wedding will be perfect. You’ve sampled cakes, pinned every dress you can imagine on Pinterest, and now, it’s time to announce that your perfect day is just around the corner! With every big decision that you’ve made, you’ve simultaneously let out a sigh of relief as you inhale another deep breath of anticipation and excitement.

Next on the agenda: Wedding Invitations. That’s right, the time to choose your wedding invitations has arrived.

We know you’ve got so many other things on your mind right now, so we’re here to help make that process seamless and perfect, just like your big day. We’ve put together some of our favorite elegant wedding invitations anyone will love — and let me tell you, they’re fit for a queen!

Simply Embossed

This invitation is quaint and beautifully crafted. It boasts gorgeous embossed roses all over the outside of the card. The raised texture brings an exquisite feeling to a relatively simple card. As you open the top and bottom third of this asymmetrical card, you’ll find the perfectly poised invitation written in a stunning cursive script.

Embossed Invitations

It comes in a beautiful off-white color to accompany anyone’s perfect day. The intricate detail will leave this card in the hands of your guests as a memento they’ll want to keep long after your big day is over. 

Contemporary Chic

This contemporary chic invitation marries the modern look you may be looking for with classic beauty. The beautiful mustard-yellow Bliss blossom and deep-gray envelope are perfect complements to one another. Don’t let the color deter you, though, as this card comes in a wide range of ink options, fonts and paper colors to suit your taste.

  Contemporary Style

This trendy design also brings a uniqueness that most typical invitations don’t allow. Its quirky folio design is incredibly practical with its ability to serve as an invitation and an RSVP card in one petite space. This invitation made our list for those who want their personality to shine through. Go ahead and check “invitations” off your wedding planning checklist.

Majestic Watercolor

 Watercolor Invitations

Pastels, watercolors and golden flecks are in right now. If you are the kind of couple holding a contemporary and modern wedding, then this invitation is one to consider. It comes in three different muted pastel colors: teal, light pink and lavender. It’s also accented with perfectly placed pressed foil to give just enough glimmer to this wonderfully crafted piece of art.

The real star of the show here, is the font. It represents a book cover boasting about the wedding of your dreams. With each partner’s name written in capital letters and the fine details in print below, the words are only an added feature to this majestic watercolor card.

Marvelously Monogrammed

Nothing says royalty quite like monograms. This elegant and classic style of invitation is perfectly crafted and refined for your guests.

 Monogrammed Invitations

Your distinguished event deserves this invitation experience. It is wonderfully layered with cardstock and finely printed monograms, with a ribbon at the center to wrap this gifted invite to perfection. The scalloped-shaped corners, coupled with a double frame, are complemented nicely with the bold color beneath (color is customizable). This classy invitation will send a message to your guests about the perfect day they get to share with you.

Grecian Goddess

This invitation is precisely Greek with its wreath of leaves design. It is ideal for the wedding that is natural and eclectic. Whether you are tying the knot in an enchanted forest or the color scheme fits your taste, this invitation is versatile and elegant.

 Grecian Inspired Invitations

The popular Verdant font boldly proclaims the happy couple’s names and leaves plenty of room for details at the bottom. Pair it with the rest of your parchment needs, such as thank you cards, RSVP’s and table toppers, boasting the same beautiful style as your invites. This delicate and refined invite is just the ingredient for your perfect day!


Whether you want every detail of your wedding to match, or you want your invitation to boldly proclaim the news of the most exciting day of the year, we have options for you! Work with one of our invitation stylists or sign up for our free catalog to browse all the many possibilities to help you check one more thing off that long list of wedding to-dos.

We know wedding planning can be stressful, and that’s why we have a collection of the best invitations, table place cards, thank you cards and RSVP’s in one place. Let us be your one-stop shop for all your parchment needs this wedding season and help you feel like you’re planning a wedding fit for Royalty!