Welcome to La La Land: 14 Wedding Ideas to Create an Old Hollywood Glamour Theme

wedding ideas old hollywood glamour theme

woman in white bridal gown isolated on taupeWeddings are so much fun to plan, especially for those brides and grooms who really get into their themes and decorations. Wedding décor is a great way to let the personality of the new couple shine through, and it’s also a wonderful way to make the guests feel welcome, excited, and celebratory.

There are so many different and unique wedding themes that couples can use for their special day. From fairgrounds and bohemian to flapper and black tie, each theme can transport guests to another time and place for that one special day.

One of the great wedding themes that continues to be a very popular option for couples is the old Hollywood glamour. This theme is super fun because guests can get into the festivities with their own outfits, dance to amazing music, and glam up for the evening.

There are lots of things you can do to create the scene of old Hollywood at your wedding venue. To help you out with some fun ideas, consider these 14 wedding ideas that create an old Hollywood glamour theme.

art deco graphic divider1Movie-Themed Wedding Invitations

Establish your theme early by sending out your wedding invitations and Save the Dates with color themes that invoke Hollywood glamour. Choose vintage fonts to announce the joyous occasion and consider putting star-shaped glitter confetti in the envelope to get guests excited about the event.

art deco graphic divider2Have a Red Carpet

Nothing says Hollywood like a red carpet, so why wouldn’t your wedding have one? Incorporate the red carpet either in the ceremony or by using it to welcome the guests and bridal party into the reception. This is a great prop because, even when you’re not using it, guests can pose on it to take photos just like real celebrities.

glamorous lit red carpet

Want to add to the feel of a gala event? Hire a few people to act like real paparazzi, following your guests in and getting great shots of them before they head into your ceremony or reception. This makes guests feel very special and super excited about your theme.

art deco graphic divider3A Walk of Fame

Your wedding party is a very important group of people, and you’ll want them to know how much you appreciate them! Adding in your own DIY Walk of Fame stars is an awesome idea that can show off the people chosen by the bride and groom for their wedding party, and it’s also a fun way to add to the glam of the red carpet and paparazzi. Have the Walk of Fame just outside the reception area, or put each of the bridal party’s stars in front of their seat at the table. This is another fun touch you can add to your event, allowing the wedding party to preen for pictures that will be cherished for years.

art deco graphic divider4Old Glam Photo Booth

Everyone loves a great photo booth, and your wedding is the perfect time to collect a lot of great photos of all of the guests who attended! To make the photo booth even more reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour, include props for people to use, such as Oscars, mustaches, top hats, feathers, pearls, and more.

glam photo booth props graphic

You can rent photo booths for your event, but if you want to go easy on your budget, feel free to create your own DIY photo booth and add your own props to save some money!

art deco graphic divider5Celebrity-Themed Table Settings

Get your guests to interact with the fun by making each table number card represent an actor from the old Hollywood glamour days. Use black and white photos of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and other well-known actors and have each table feature themed games and food pairings.

Table settings can also be super fun with old Hollywood themes since you can use big, boisterous designs that reflect the style of the times. Consider having lots of feathers and pearls or stylish looking candelabras. The bigger, the better when it comes to your table settings, but just be sure that everyone can see the front table without having their view skewed.

art deco graphic divider6Hollywood Glam Colors

If you need some simple ideas to start creating your Hollywood glam wedding theme, then start with some classic color schemes like black, silver, and gold. These colors look very chic and glamorous, and it is super easy to find all of these colors in a wide range of decorations.

Start with your table settings and work your way to the minor details. You might choose to have gold table runners, silver plates and cutlery, and add in some red shades for your chairs or table flowers. These kinds of colors create an immediate association with Hollywood, so be sure to consider the color scheme of blacks and metallic if you’re going all out.

art deco graphic divider7Black and White Films

black and white headshot of actressForget worrying about covering up empty walls in your venue; this is the perfect setting for an old Hollywood film! The couple might want to choose their favorite period film, like one that they watched together on a romantic date. This film doesn’t have to take away from anything during the ceremony or reception; simply screen it on the wall without any sound to add to the ambiance of your theme.

This is also a great idea if there are kids running around at your event. Consider adding a small kids’ crafting table in front of the film so that they have something to do when moms and dads are dancing and enjoying themselves.

art deco graphic divider8Incorporate the Bridal Party

retro bridal party quoteGet your bridal party into the fun of it all by dressing them in old Hollywood style dresses and suits. This doesn’t have to mean that you style them in something old or outdated; in fact, a lot of old Hollywood style has already made its way back onto the runways.

Consider outfitting them in fitted, halter-top style dresses like the one made famous by Marilyn Monroe, and incorporate old Hollywood hairstyles like dramatic waves or pixie crops, depending on their hair length.

For the men, consider having them in suits similar to the style of Frank Sinatra, as well as letting them sport fun hats from the decade, including fedoras, the Hamburg, and the Panama hat. They don’t have to wear the hats to your ceremony or during serious photographs; however, this can be really fun for a few photos with the bridesmaids, as well as when you introduce your wedding party at the reception hall.

art deco graphic divider9Champagne Tower

Things will get very classy very quickly when you add a tower of champagne glasses. This is certainly one detail that makes a huge statement piece in the room, and it’s the perfect décor for establishing old Hollywood glam. While this is an awesome idea, it’s best to save this kind of idea for adult-only parties where the kids won’t find themselves tempted to dismantle it.

art deco graphic divider10The Wedding Dress

soft peach wedding dress hangingRegardless of the chosen decor, the bride will certainly want to dazzle the crowd in her very own Hollywood glamourous gown. For the most part, old Hollywood bridal gowns are made from thinner materials that are less form-fitted and more likely to hang or drape over the body.

Although ideal for taller brides, these dresses come in all kinds of styles, including strapless, caps, and sleeves so any bride can look amazing. One of the best details in these dresses is the added beading and lace, so brides might want to incorporate some of those elements into their décor once they pick out a dress.

In terms of her hair, brides can also embrace an old Hollywood glam look with tight curls that frame the face or big curls swept to one side. To embrace the look even further, brides might consider a smoky eye and a red lip, as well as some red nail polish and a large faux-fur shawl to make a very glamorous statement on their big day.

art deco graphic divider11Glamour Up the Cake

Whether you’re serving cake or cupcakes, having at least one small cake with the old Hollywood glamour theme is a great idea. The cake can incorporate the classic color scheme or gold, silver, and black. You can embellish it with other luxurious items like feathers, edible pearls, or small movie reels. Incorporating the cake into your theme is a very easy way to keep the event consistent.

art deco graphic divider12Hire a Live Band

Nothing feels more glamorous than listening to a live band play all of the classic love songs. Explore specific eras so you can find the right fit to bring your Hollywood glam theme to life.

If you can, rent a black and white checkered dance floor and dress up the area where the band will be playing. You can give them golden microphones and the perfect backdrop with their band’s name just to add to the effect. Ready for the first dance? Prep some shimmering balloons to hang from the ceiling that you can drop down to the dancefloor for the bride and groom’s first dance.

art deco graphic divider13Old Hollywood Drinks

Believe it or not, there are quite a few beverage concoctions that were inspired by old Hollywood actors. Consider speaking to your bartenders about putting together a drink list that includes drinks inspired by Hollywood royalty as a way to help guests learn more about the celebrities of the time. Some of these drinks can include The Ginger Rogers, made with gin, lemon, and mint, or the Jean Harlow that combine light rum and sweet vermouth.

pair of martinis on balcony

If you have some kids joining the party as well, you might want to make some virgin options for them, like root beer floats or Shirley Temples that even some adults might be tempted to try.

art deco graphic divider14Table Favors

Once your amazing Hollywood themed wedding is drawing to a conclusion and guests are getting ready to leave, send them home with something fun and memorable like a table favor. To keep the Hollywood vibe alive, you could send them home with a miniature Oscar award and their pictures taken by the paparazzi.

For many couples, it’s also very popular to send guest home with something sweet, so you might also consider filling some gold or silver boxes with candy, or an old-school bag of popcorn that they can enjoy on the ride home. Remember that these gifts don’t have to be extravagant to be meaningful. If you want them to be a keepsake, consider having something engraved with your wedding date, such as wine glasses, coasters, or a deck of cards. There are lots of options when it comes to table favors, so be sure to decide on a budget and find something that matches your theme.


Old Hollywood glamour is a very popular wedding theme because couples can incorporate it in many different ways, whether it’s silly, funny, chic, or stylish. Be sure to let guests know about the theme ahead of time in case they want to get in on the fun, and don’t be afraid to incorporate it into other wedding events, like the bachelorette or rehearsal dinner, to keep guests excited about the big day ahead.

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