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Bridal Flower Crown

Flower crowns have been a rising trend in weddings for the past few seasons. Despite their recent popularity, they are not a new addition to the ceremonial traditions. You can likely picture the leafy crowns worn by ancient Grecians in their white togas. Crowns with bright orange flowers were also a symbol of fertility and prosperity for historical Asian cultures. Queen Victoria wore a floral crown to her wedding because of this tradition.

Floral crowns also hold plenty of significance for Americans because of styles introduced by the hippies of the 1960s—a style that is growing in popularity currently. Hippie headdresses were not worn for special occasions or wedding ceremonies; they do represent a subculture that expressed peace and love.

These decorative wreaths that have been donning the heads of fashionable brides, bridesmaids, and flower girls are currently all the rage, especially for Bohemian weddings. If you’re interested in sticking to the latest color trends and floral patterns for your upcoming celebration, here are a few options you may want to consider in your bridal flower crown.

Complementing Your Hairstyle

An essential aspect of the floral crown is how it will complement the hairstyle that you choose for the big day. It is fun to play around with different ideas. Don’t forget to set up a trial appointment well before the wedding to see if you’re getting what you had in mind.

Some of the most flattering styles paired with the flower crown are long, natural looking waves or curls. If you don’t have long hair, there are still great crimps and waves that will work for this style. The point is to accentuate a more natural and free-flowing look.

Large, messy braids are also flattering with the head wreath. Currently, the most popular options are the fishtail braid, the oversized three-strand braid, and the cascading side braid. These all create a stunning look.

Short and sweet is also rising in popularity among brides. If you’re running out of time when it comes to growing out your hair, don’t fret. The flower crown dresses up the pixie cuts and short bobs in a woodland fairy kind of way. You won’t regret pairing these styles together.

You may also be determined to pile your hair on top of your head if the neckline of your dress is a higher one. This piling works nicely with the flower headdress just because there are almost no worries when it comes to placement and retaining your look throughout a long day of the ceremony, picture-taking, and dancing.

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How to Choose Your Color Palette

You are likely going to stick with the colors you have chosen for the wedding décor. You may also want to match your floral crown with the flowers in your bouquet. Here are a just a few suggestions when it comes to the most popular colors of the season and how to pair them with the best flower.

Peach and green are at the top of the trending colors list. These colors are a perfect match with the peony because of its tight and elegant flower. Also, the leaf of the peony is a vibrant green with a soft lead that is perfect for the occasion.

Deep purples, such as eggplant, are an excellent choice for this season and can be complemented with browns, pale blues, and pale greens. The hydrangea is a lovely and lush crown piece and is a bolder look for any bride with colors that are divine.

Natural white is timeless and can be complemented by nearly any flower of your choice. Pulling in the greens and browns of leaves and accent pieces can make a bold statement, or it can be simple and sleek. These leaves are an excellent option for the bride who is searching for a more delicate and subtle headpiece.

Muted purples, pinks, and greens are perfect if you are having a more rustic or woodland themed wedding. These colors are gorgeous with textured florals and succulents. Add a few pale green berries to top off this darling style.


There are several different ways you can wear a flower crown. Many typically think of one circular design that fits around the whole head. You can go for a bolder look by using thicker, fuller flowers that do surround the entire head. The floral part of the wreath can all be concentrated on one side of the head, just in the front, or just in the back.

Simpler, more elegant crowns may fit into the side of a low bun or braid. Some brides choose the best look by piling lots of flowers, leaves, and berries at the very top of the head, leaving no openings. Choose what works best for your hairstyle, color trend, and personality.

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