Top 7 Essential Stationeries for Your Big Day

Many people don’t realize it, but there are a lot of things you’ll be needing to print off before your special day arrives. Even if you’ve got the dress, the rings, and all of the decorations taken care of, there are still lots of things that need to be looked after when it comes to wedding stationery! As an integral part of your wedding planning, stationery plays a huge role in your organization, doing everything, from inviting your guests to seating them at the proper table.

To keep you on top of your stationery requirements, be sure to take care of the following top 7 essential stationeries that lead up to your big day.

save the date graphic

1. Save the Dates

These pieces of stationery are particularly important to send out as soon as you decide where and when your wedding is taking place. This is common courtesy for your guests and is a must-have if your wedding takes place on a certain holiday, a long weekend, or any date that could pose schedule problems if not planned for ahead of time.

This kind of stationery can be lighthearted and fun—it’s generally one or two durable pieces of stationery with a photo of the couple and some important notes. This is where you get people excited, so have fun with it!

invitation envelope with embossed filigree

2. Wedding Invitations

In terms of wedding stationery, the wedding invitation is the big kahuna. It has all of the most important information about your wedding and RSVPs for guests to send back with their replies. Invitations are sent once more of your wedding has been finalized, including the schedule, menu choices, and accommodation options.

This stationery should also include a pre-stamped envelope with the bride and groom’s address so that the RSVPs can be sent back quickly with a reply and menu choice. If you’ll be inviting people who will be traveling a great distance, be sure to add as much information as you can about hotel options, travel options, and very clear directions. Needless to say, this stationery is critical to a smooth wedding from the ceremony, to the reception, to the late-night celebrating.

3. Bachelor/Bachelorette Invitations

When the time comes for the bride and groom to celebrate with their friends, fun invitations can be sent out to start getting everyone excited about the day or trip ahead. This stationery is essential to the wedding planning, as these parties often include a much larger group than just the wedding party and, often, not everyone included are close friends.

Sending out these kinds of invites can give some clues as to where the party will take place and what kind of theme it will have. It might also include travel plans, a schedule, or a list of things that everyone should pack. This is also a great time to let everyone know what kind of gifts or collective present you’ll be giving to the groom/bride, so be sure that the happy couple gets their own special invitation so they don’t know about the fun until their big night.

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4. Wedding Shower

The wedding shower is something that many friends and family will be looking forward to, so this kind of stationery is essential to a smooth event. The wedding shower invitation can be simple or elaborate—it really depends on the style of the bride.

Included should be the time and place for the shower, as well as any registries that the bride is on for gifts. Usually, this comes in the form of a barcode or number, or you might be able to search the bride’s name. Some wedding showers also have specific themes, so this stationery should also include some kind of decoration to share what the theme will be.

5. Table Seating

To keep things simple and organized, another top essential stationery for your wedding is the table seating card. This is critical to making sure that everyone can find their spot smoothly, and so that everyone is sitting with people they know, and ones with whom they will enjoy themselves. These cards can be fairly simple, but they should be of a sturdy paper so that they can stand on their own.

6. Ceremony Program

Everyone likes to know what’s going to be happening when at a wedding, so offering a ceremony program is another piece of stationery you’ll need to have designed and printed. These programs are usually presented at the beginning of the ceremony and cover each portion of the day so everyone knows what they can expect and when they can eat.

7. Thank-You Cards

Probably the most important stationery you’ll need, after the wedding invitation, is your thank-you cards. These are a must, once all of the celebrations are over so that you can thank your guests for spending the day with you and for the gift they’ve given—if any.

Thank-you cards are a common courtesy and should always be included, both after the wedding shower and the wedding ceremony. If you’d like, you can add a few photos from the day or send along a link where guests can browse the photos or videos of the celebration.

This can be simple, but add a personal message to show your gratitude for their participation in your big event.

It’s fairly clear how important stationery is to a wedding’s success—although many people prefer to work strictly online, now, that often means that some people get left out or have trouble responding to your invitation. Using stationery and taking the time to create personal letters or messages is always appreciated, so make sure that you add that personal touch to your stationery whenever you can.

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