The Modern Wedding Candy Bar

Wedding candy bar of treats

At a wedding, everyone remembers the dress, the flowers, the music, and maybe even the dinner and the open bar. There are several traditional rituals associated with wedding receptions, including the first dance, the throwing of the bouquet, and the cutting of the wedding cake.

However, many couples are eschewing some of these traditions in favor of newer ones. While many still choose to have a cake, dessert bars have become increasingly popular as well, with candy bars as the top option. For those interested in this choice, here are some tips for creating a modern wedding candy bar.

Choosing Your Candy

After you and your soon-to-be spouse decide to have a candy bar at your wedding, the most important thing is selecting the items. You can choose to have a mix of your favorites but try to keep it within the general color scheme and ethos of your wedding. If you both come from different ethnic backgrounds, the candy bar can be a subtle but delicious way to incorporate both cultures. Remember, your guests will likely have a variety of tastes, ranging from sweet, to salty, to sour, so make sure you include a little of each.

You should also take the season into account when determining the best array for your candy bar. In the summertime, chocolate treats can melt easily, especially at outdoor weddings. You can also incorporate items that are not considered candy but which provide a tasty complement to your selections. These can range from cookies, to pretzels, to marshmallows, to popcorn or even sugary breakfast cereals that make the colors of your candy bar pop.

Buying candy or other items for the bar in bulk is the easiest way to save money. Also, if you aren’t set on certain candy, purchase generic rather than name brands, as these will likely be cheaper. With a ¼  to ½ a pound of candy generally recommended per guest, those costs can really add up. Make sure to fill the larger containers with less expensive items and save the fancier options for smaller dishes.

Selecting Décor for the Candy Bar

Candy bar decorKeeping your candy bar on theme can be more difficult than it seems. Once you’ve chosen a theme or color scheme for your wedding, it is important to ensure the décor you include for the candy bar matches. Putting different colored candies in dishes and setting them on a table does not have the same effect as a candy bar that looks like something out of the Willy Wonka factory—almost too pretty to eat.

When choosing the dishes for your candy bar, don’t be afraid to play around with different heights and shapes, as this adds a level of sophistication to the display.

No matter what the theme of your wedding, there are dozens of décor and candy options. Some choose to incorporate traditions like “something blue” into their candy bar by utilizing all blue candy with white or silver inflections.

Others, who have holiday-themed weddings, will enjoy a winter white candy bar, complete with “snowballs” and powdered sugar dusted items to mimic snow.

Fall weddings have a bevy of items to choose from, especially if they prefer chocolate and plan to incorporate Halloween candy into the mix. If you’re the creative type, try integrating some seasonal decorations as well, like faux cobwebs or spiders, or even painting the jars with a seasonable theme.

Setting up the Candy Bar

To make your candy bar look delicious, inviting, and elegant, you want to ensure the candy, the décor, and the backdrop all flow together as one. In addition to the bowls of candy and the décor, including a nice tablecloth or backdrop of ribbon can provide an excellent complement to your guest’s visual enjoyment.

Some couples choose to hire an attendant to oversee the candy bar throughout the reception. This is one way to guarantee it will stay organized and the dishes will remain full throughout the evening. You should also include a menu of the options available for your guests to peruse. This is especially important in case someone has a food allergy or strong distaste for one of the items on the table.

Candy packages for guests

Taking Home Treats

Unless your guests have a serious sweet tooth, there will likely be candy left over at the end of the night. Provide your guests with small favor boxes to enjoy their favorite candy after the reception. This is a terrific way to avoid wasting leftovers and for your guests to think about your special day after it’s over.

With so many couples deciding to have a candy bar, it is important yours stand out. Utilizing a mix of different textures and tastes in your candy, as well as décor that is on a theme and creative, can go a long way toward providing a display that is both visually stimulating and delicious.

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