Stylish Embellishments for Groomsmen

Even though weddings often have a lot of focus on the bride, that doesn’t mean that the groom can’t get dressed up and feel good next to her. Luckily, men’s fashion has come a long way, over the last decade, which means that men can now put just as much effort into their looks as their counterparts. For weddings, this is no exception.

Now, more than ever, grooms are able to get dressed to the nines in some of the nicest suits and modern embellishments that will have heads turning. For men who really want to impress on their big day, there are lots of stylish embellishments their groomsmen and they can wear that will make them look handsome, dapper and well-put-together just in time for the “I Do”s.

If you need some help dressing up the groomsmen in your wedding, consider these embellishments for show-stopping style:

Fashionable Footwear

Even if a look is almost totally put together, it will never look as good as it could without some amazing shoes. Luckily for men, there are thousands of different shoe styles available that will finish the look and complement any groomsmen’s style. There are all kinds of shoe styles that grooms can choose for their wedding party, from Oxfords and loafers to derbies and dress boots.

Some grooms will give their groomsmen their wedding shoes as a gift since shoes are often a larger investment, and they’ll last a long time. Grooms should be aware of the wedding theme, as well as the venue, in order to pick a style of shoe that works with the colors and surrounding themes. For example, a classy black-tie wedding might require an Oxford shoe, while a rustic wedding theme might call for something closer to a dress boot.

business men tying their dress shoes

Bow Ties

Like all things in fashion, some popular items start to phase out and will eventually come back around in time. The bow tie is one of these items, which seemed to be replaced by the traditional tie, for a little while, before making a huge comeback.

Bowties are a very popular accessory for men in weddings, and they’re a very flexible embellishment that can be worn for any wedding theme, from vintage country to black tie chic. This kind of style really is perfect for any man at any age and will even look dapper for the father of the bride and any young ring bearer walking down the aisle. This kind of embellishment makes men look very handsome, and they’re easily found in all kinds of colors and styles to match the bride or wedding theme.

realistic white black and red bow ties

Cuff Links

Even though cuff links are a smaller accessory that is not quite as easily noticed, cuff links are a very stylish embellishment that adds that finishing touch to a debonair style. These embellishments can also be customized, so grooms can add in whatever colors, words, or pictures they want. These make an awesome gift for the groomsmen and go well with any wedding theme because there are so many cuff link designs available. From purple jewels to gold squares or personalized letters, there is something for every groom and his men that will make them look stylish and well put-together.

man adjusting cuff links wearing watch


A man’s watch is often that one, extra accessory that can make the outfit. In the case of groomsmen, a modern bracelet or watch is a simple detail that can make all the difference when it comes to making their outfit a little bit fancier.

It’s important to note, if you’re choosing to have the groomsmen wear stylish watches, that they don’t need to be expensive to make the outfit look great; any silver or gold watch will look stylish on groomsmen, and the added little touch of metallic looks great with lots of different color schemes.

closeup of luxury watch on mans wrist

Although brides and their bridesmaids may have more variety when it comes to choosing stylish embellishments and extra add-ons for their outfits, grooms and their groomsmen should still have the ability to dress up as well! With the increased interest in men’s fashion over the last decade, now there are many more options available in the male fashion world that men can embrace on their big day.

If you’re struggling to decide how to add more style to the groomsmen’s outfits, consider the stylish embellishments suggested here. These ideas don’t have to break the bank; in fact, most of these ideas can be found in all different types of styles and fabrics to suit your needs.

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