Stunning Wedding Trends for 2017

Stunning wedding trends for 2017

If you are planning a wedding, then it’s time to remember any wedding details you saw and liked (or disliked) this year and begin piecing together your own celebration.

If you and your fiancée are going for a traditional vibe, that’s great. There are dozens of how-to lists that will cover the usual components, from classic florals to traditional venues. If you are interested in something a little different, though, feel free to get creative.

In general, weddings have been trending toward a more individual feel in the last several years. In 2017, couples will continue to look for ways to make their celebrations personal, and will opt for smaller guest lists and more intimate ceremonies. Read on for the trends that will continue, as well as some brand-new ideas. Get inspired!

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Color Palette

collage with greenery color of the year 2017The first step to a wedding vision is the color palette. This year will see the continuation of monochromatic, minimalist, industrial vibes, but the age of gold, copper, and rose gold is ending.

Instead, think about doing sparkle in a new way. Stick with a color-block scheme, but add a slight metallic sheen to white or solid colored accent pieces. If you’re feeling super modern, go with Pantone’s color of 2017: Kale. Shades of deep green like kale and forest, mixed with lighter shades like a dusty gray-green will create a wedding palette that is right on trend.

If you just can’t decide – or if you and your fiancé/e have conflicting ideas, consider using them all! Rainbow color schemes don’t have to be cheesy. When done in rich colors, accented by a classic neutral like white or gray, and arranged tastefully, they are downright chic.

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Event Planning

Next, you’ll need to think about the structure and flow of your event. This day will be a celebration of you two as a couple, and it can have as many personal touches as you want.

Bride and Groom kissing2017 will be the year of the untraditional venue. As couples continue to personalize their events, they will increasingly turn to local parks, art galleries, or event and theater spaces as great alternatives to a traditional church ceremony.

Consider finding a spot that holds special meaning for you and your fiancé/e: maybe the backyard of your home, or the restaurant where you had your first date. If you share a passion for travel, consider a destination wedding. It may not be feasible for all couples, let alone your guests, but a wedding on a mountaintop, on a beach, or in the woods will be an event you and your guests will never forget.

Of course, we’ve got just the invitations for your untraditional event: invitations featuring palm trees put your guests in a vacation mood early, while a mountainscape communicates your wedding’s rustic vibe. Injecting a part of your story as a couple into your ceremony is a lovely way to celebrate with family and friends.

The untraditional theme extends to the day itself in 2017. In large numbers, couples will be implementing technology bans during their ceremonies, to avoid distracting accidental ringtones and ensure the professional photographers don’t have any smartphones to contend with. (Note: this kind of ban is usually restricted to the ceremony itself because #weddinghashtags are necessary for the reception and after party!)

Groom holding slice of traditional wedding round loaf and bride salt itCouples will also be opting out of the receiving line this year. While it may still be a necessary part of the most formal weddings, couples with more informal affairs are choosing to make the rounds to thank their guests during cocktail hour or the appetizer course.

The do-it-yourself wedding trend will still be going strong in 2017. Use your own skills – starting with DIY invitation kits that let your creativity run wild – or enlist the talents of your family and friends to lend their own personal touch to your special day.

Receptions will also be more casual. Smaller weddings are making cozier receptions possible. Couples will opt for a dinner party vibe instead of the formal banquet in 2017. The after-party will get a makeover, too. Couples will choose to forgo the club or local bar after party and keep the festivities going at the reception venue. Instead of moving locations, consider opening a coffee or dessert bar to keep your guests caffeinated and fed. This will ensure the party vibe continues, and you don’t have to worry about transporting guests from one place to another.

Finally, interactions with guests will be slightly different this year. To begin with, wedding gifts and favors will have social welfare component. Many couples will construct gift registries that contribute to a favorite cause. Similarly, couples will make donations of their own in place of handing out favors.

Another wedding tradition, the guest book, will get a makeover in 2017, thanks to the invention of the Go-Pro camera and that selfie stick you’ve been hiding in your closet. The premise is the same: Guests can send congratulations, advice, or a song and dance to the happy couple. This digital guest book will provide you with more than just words – it’s a great way to hold on to memories of friends and loved ones enjoying themselves on your special day.

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Décor & Food

Some classics will never die: clean lines, simple furniture, candles, and tasteful accents. Other trends will continue in 2017, including rustic outdoor themes, industrial chic accents, and minimalist décor. The do-it-yourself theme will continue as well.

Florist at work. Woman making bouquet of pink rosesIf your friends and family members have any special talents, like folding origami, strumming a ukulele, or simply an eye for color combinations, ask them for help! A wedding with handmade details will be special in its own way. In the floral department, this year will be all about wild, unbridled, overgrown flowers and accents of greenery, like table runners, in boutonnieres, or even as additions to the wedding aisle.

Whether you are having an afternoon or evening wedding or going for a brunch reception (also trending in 2017!), break away from the usual catering options. No longer will guests be forced to choose between chicken and fish. This year, more and more couples will turn to untraditional alternatives to feed their guests. Consider a home-cooked meal (if your celebration is small enough). Or, contract a local favorite restaurant to cater your meal buffet or family style. If your style is more whimsical and fun, enlist a local food truck or two to serve comfort foods like spaghetti and meatballs, pizza, and ice cream sundaes.

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The Clothes

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2017 will see the mismatched trend in bridal party wardrobes continue. Pick a color spectrum, a contrasting combination, or a scheme – think shades of blue, yellow and orange, or pastels, for example.

Mismatched Color Trends for Bridal Parties

This year will also break free of the solids only rule for bridesmaids. Selective addition of prints, such as a patterned accessory or a printed dress for the maid of honor in contrast with solids on the bridesmaids adds a chic, unexpected touch. This strategy works for men, too. Patterned ties, pocket squares, and vests add visual interest, while suits in untraditional colors and cuts let the groomsmen’s personality shine through.

That’s great, but what about the bride’s gown? 2017’s bridal trends range from the chic and the sophisticated to the modern and romantic, and there is sure to be something for everyone. To begin with, you don’t have to go with white. More salons are stocking gowns in dusty pastels, blush pink, and dove gray. Brides will also turn to deeper hues for winter weddings, going bold in red or a deep blue.

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Window with wedding dressesOff the shoulder styles will once again be popular, as will plunging necklines and high skirt slits. Brides in 2017 will choose long sleeves in greater numbers than before. Bell sleeves, embroidered sleeves, half-sleeves, and tiered sleeves are perfect for winter brides or those brides who prefer sleeves, but who still want some visual interest. In a similar vein, textured gowns will be all over the place this year. Embellished skirts, tiers, feathers, beading, and appliques are perfect details on their own (or together, but combine carefully!) and can be styled to suit any personality.

This year’s styles will also include nods to classical ballet and a return to romantic elegance. Lace-up detailing on the front and back of dresses, high necklines, sheer V-necklines, pretty pleats and delicate details will adorn both streamlined and floaty silhouettes. Taken in combination with full skirts or as the stars of a minimalist style, these details will add a touch of interest no matter how you use them.

2017 will also see dresses with bow accents walking the aisles. Show off your sweet side in a dress with bows accenting an off-the-shoulder design. Go classic with a bow accenting an empire waist gown, or atop a sweet headpiece. Tie a halter neckline in a voluminous bow at the nape, or go for broke with four or five bows in various sizes climbing the back of your dress. (You can set the tone for your celebration by including a bow on your invitation as well! These invitations are chic and whimsical at the same time). For a slightly different look, think about a large statement bow on an otherwise streamlined jumpsuit.

Beautiful young woman wearing backless jumpsuit. Urban fashionSpeaking of jumpsuits: From casual to cocktail, jumpsuits have established their place in the stylish woman’s closet in the last few years. Recently, they’ve made their way to the wedding aisle, offering streamlined styles – sweet or sassy – for brides who prefer pants. At the same time, wedding pants, suits, separates, and mini-dresses are making a run (really, suits never left – hello, Bianca Jagger). There are more options than ever, allowing a bride to stay true to her own personal style on her wedding day!

If you are looking to add some sparkle to your wedding day look, consider adding sequins to the mix! They are not just for the holiday season any longer. A subtle shimmer on a bridal gown adds a bit of magic to an outdoor affair.

Alternatively, sequins and beading on bridesmaid’s dresses will make the bridal party pop at a formal affair. To those brides who are not quite ready to fully commit to a sequined look, consider changing into a fun reception outfit after the ceremony is over. Whether you nod to traditional with white sequins or go with a full-on party shimmer in a jewel tone or black, you will signal to your guests that you are ready to celebrate. If you don’t want to have to change, think about a style that will be chic for the ceremony and fun for the reception.

2017 will see more brides in high-low dresses than ever before. This double-duty style has been gaining steam, and the trend is going to stick around for a while. It is just as pretty in delicate tiers or dramatic flares. These dresses offer a sophisticated gown that you can dance in without fear of tripping!

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The details are, of course, the finishing touches to a wedding look. This year, there will be something to suit every bride.

Young Blonde girl holding flowersButterfly Bullet PointFor the flower child.

2017 will see a surge in popularity of the half flower crown. A slight deviation from last year’s full flower crown trend, this year’s version is more delicate, understated, and elegant than its bohemian cousin. For an even more subtle, straight-from-the-fairytale look, consider weaving a few small flowers into your hairstyle.

Butterfly Bullet PointFor the tough girl.

If your style is more edge than floral, denim and leather jackets over wedding gowns have been popping up everywhere. An unexpected accessory like a cool outer layer adds an additional layer of cool to your wedding day look.
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For the classic bride.

We are still riding high the wave of long bridal trains kicked off (or restarted) by Duchess Kate Middleton’s bridal gown in 2011. Delicate trains in ethereal mesh, lace, or shadow appliques add a stunning final flourish to your gown.
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For the diva.

For you brides who can’t get enough of the gilded and the golden, dresses with golden accents embroidered or done in brocade and delicate beading add a divine twist to traditional white gowns.

In general, the trends for the 2017 wedding season can be summed up in one sentence: There is something for everyone. Whatever your vibe, whatever your venue, whatever your wedding style, make your day your own.

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