Pretty Flats for Modern Brides

Today’s brides are all about doing things with their own, unique style. Whether it is an extra-long train, bouquets made of jewels, or a blue wedding gown, brides are now embracing their own unique style, and it looks amazing.

When it comes to a bride’s footwear, there’s a new wedding trend surfacing that has brides more excited to shop for their shoes than the actual dress itself! Many brides find that choosing shoes they love is a lot easier than navigating through the stores upon stores of white wedding gowns.

For those brides who want to look classy and cute, as well as comfortable, flats are one type of shoe that are definitely making a statement at alters around the world. Flats can be simple or sophisticated, neutral, or their very own statement piece. There are so many styles to choose from, which makes it even easier to help the bride find a style that is unique to her.

If you know you want to wear flats for your big day but you need some inspiration, consider these pretty flats for modern brides:

circle of colorful flats

Nude and Neutral

Some brides would prefer that their shoes create a complete look, instead of standing out among the rest of their outfit. A nude or neutral colored flat is perfect for these brides because the shoe still looks classy, but they tie the outfit together more than they stand out.

Even though the shoe style sounds simplistic, there are lots of different designs and shapes available in neutral colors that would complement the style of any bride.

nude colored heels with wallet and flower

Pointed Flats

One of the most common flat shoe styles is the round toe, which often creates a cuter, more romantic look for brides. For those that are looking for something a little edgier or high-fashion, flats that are designed with a pointed toe are a really great way to make a simple statement.

top view of sparking stylish navy blue shoes


When your big day comes, chances are you’re going to be taken care of from head to toe, including some well-manicured feet! For those brides who want to show off their polish or give their feet some breathing room, peep-toe flats are a very fashionable, yet simple detail that can change the whole look of an outfit.

Brides who choose a peep-toe flat will certainly want to make sure that they’re comfortable with their feet showing, and that their toenail polish matches the rest of their outfit. This kind of shoe might require a little bit more effort, but it’s certainly worth it.


It’s no surprise that a lot of brides are now embracing their country roots, even on their wedding day. This means that we get to see a lot of adorable wedding dress and cowgirl boots combinations that look awesome on their big day. For those brides who want to go with a country theme without the boots, some lacy or brown leather flats are the way to go.

Lacy flats are very popular, and they often have unique designs and eyelets that are extremely cute and comfortable. A leather, brown flat is also a great option for a cowgirl bride that adds a little bit of a rustic brown color to the outfit without worrying about wearing heavier boots. Both the lace and the brown leather are very cute, and both are fairly simple making it easy to match them with any kind of venue, décor, or color theme.


A bride who is looking to make a statement with her footwear should definitely consider a cute pair of glittery flats. Brides can find flats that are partially decorated in glitter or fully covered, and they look very cute peeking out from underneath large gowns or sparkling underneath a short-hemmed dress.

Glittery flats are a simple way to add some glam to the bride’s outfit, without overdoing the sparkle too much. This looks especially cute if the bride shows off little bits of glitter in her bouquet or around the venue, or she might even choose to add some glittery details to the Save the Dates to give guests an idea of what they can expect.

elegant pink flat shoes isolated on white

Ballet Flats

Add a little something extra to your bridal flats with a ballerina design, which is created with long, thin straps that wrap around the ankles and tie into a bow. These ballerina-inspired shoes are a very pretty, romantic style, and they look great with almost any bridal gown design!

Bow Flats

Bows have always been a go-to accessory add-on, and flats are no exception! There are many flat-style shoes that are decorated with bows, and the adorable look is the perfect finishing touch to a bride’s pretty style. Be sure to do a bit of looking around before you settle on a pair of bow flats; there are so many different options, and you’ll want to be sure you’ve found the perfect pair for yourself!

Bows can be made in all kinds of materials, including ribbon, string, and leather. Whether you’re looking for a modern design or a cute, hometown girl type of look, different types of bows will create the look you’re going for.

business woman style essentials

Animal Prints

Flats have a way of adding an extra level of cute to any outfit but, for brides who want something a little more edgy or fierce, flats with an animal print will definitely do the trick! Animal prints such as cheetah and zebra are a great way to add some color and texture to the shoes, and, because the shoes have a simple style, it’s the perfect amount of pattern to add to any look.

Not every bride wants to walk around in high heels all day; some are looking for comfort first, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be fashionable or pretty! There are all kinds of flat styles for women to choose from, so be sure to take your time looking through a few options before you decide. Have two pairs you can’t choose between? Buy both and wear one pair for the dance party! The great thing about flats is that brides can wear them over and over, so they’re always a surefire purchase.

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