Photography Tips: How to Pose for the Perfect Wedding Photos

Bride and groom in field

There is no denying that one of the most important aspects of a wedding is getting it all documented. Who doesn’t want to be able to look back on the best day of their lives in twenty years? Having photos taken on the big day can capture all of the most important moments, and even the smallest ones capture our true emotions and expressions.

For couples who are getting married, it’s common knowledge that they will need to be prepared to be in a lot of photos on their big day. That means a lot of smiling and posing, both for their hired photographer and for friends and family as well.

For some couples and wedding party members, having their photo taken may not make them very comfortable. Some people don’t like having their photo taken and will become very nervous once those wedding invitations are mailed out. Luckily, there are a few different things one can do to improve the outcome of the photos they’re in. To help, here are 4 tips on how to pose for the perfect wedding photos:

  1. Find Your Best Side

It might sound silly, but recognizing which side you prefer to face in photos can be extremely helpful. Although everyone is beautiful and unique, no face is exactly symmetrical, and people usually favor one side over the other. This might have to do with hairstyle, their mouth shape, or simply that they have a more comfortable posture when angled a specific way.

To get the perfect wedding pose, stand in front of a mirror and decide which side you prefer to have in your photos. You might even look through old photographs and notice that you always favor one side over the other. This can be helpful, so keep it in mind when posing or let the photographers know.

  1. Be Mindful of Your Chin

Our chins often seem to have a mind of their own, especially in photographs when we’re not actively thinking about it. The chin, however, has a lot to do with the structure of our face and how the shape of the face comes across on camera.

For more slimming contours of the face, be mindful to lower the chin ever so slightly in photos, to avoid a straight-on shot that makes the face look rounder. Those who are worried about double chins can also stick out their face ever so slightly or ask the photographer to take photos from a higher angle.

Moving the chin around can help with a few different facial features that individuals are self-conscious about, including the ears and forehead as well. Practice your angles in a mirror to get them down pat before the big day.

Bride with grooms arm around her back

  1. Mind Your Posture

If you want to improve your posture for wedding photos, remembering to keep your shoulders pulled back to open your shoulders and correct any slouching. No matter what you’re wearing or where you are, slouching is a very obvious offense for photos and can really take away from the photo. Not only does it look uncomfortable, but it also come off as somewhat lazy.

Try to practice sitting up straight and being mindful of how you stand before your big day comes along. Take a few photos in a relaxed, slouched position, and then standing up straight with shoulders back to see the huge difference it makes.

Other posture tips you’ll want to think about include keeping the shoulders down and relaxed so that you don’t look stuffy or uncomfortable. Practice holding them back and down, so you elongate the neck and stand straight.

Another great posing tip is to keep the hands busy and the arms away from the body. Hanging your arms down at your sides can often make your hands look awkward, and many of us are not fans of the way our arms look pushed up against our bodies. Avoid this by angling the arms slightly away from the sides of the body and placing your hands on your hips, on the upper part of the leg, or looped through someone’s arm.

Bride and groom posing by tree

  1. Work with the Environment

Using the surrounding area to your advantage in photos is a great way to play with poses and see what looks best. For example, a couple doing large wedding party photos might want to use a hill, rocks, or stairs to spread out their friends and family at different levels. A straight line is often much blander and more difficult to include everyone. Chopping up the line and adding levels is a great solution.

Similarly, if the bride and groom have very different heights, utilizing levels will help to get their torsos and faces closer together.

If you’re nervous about the upcoming onslaught of photos to be taken on your big day, don’t panic! There are lots of things you can do ahead of time to prepare yourself. Be sure to use the mirror as a practicing tool and don’t be afraid to be open with your photographer about your insecurities.

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