Perfect Color Palettes for Spring Weddings

Spring is the perfect time for a wedding; everything is in bloom, guests are ready to shake off their winter woes, and the weather is the perfect temperature. For brides and grooms who are planning to host a wedding in the spring season, there are lots of things to consider when it comes to their color palette. For example, the kinds of colors that are found in the wedding venue, what kinds of flowers that will be in bloom at this time of year, etc.

If you’re still trying to decide on a color theme for your big day, there are quite a few options that you have. Some are traditional themes that are always in style, while others are specific to this bright and vivid season. Consider the following perfect color palettes for spring weddings to help you put together a color palette that suits your needs best.

rainbow color palette isolated on white

Lime, Navy, White

This color palette is a new, refreshing approach to the spring season. The dark navy is perfect for creating a very dapper look, and the zesty green adds a pop of color to keep things light after a long winter. White is the perfect balance between the two colors and offers some accents that will help to match with the bride and any lighter-colored dress shirts on the groomsmen.

Couples who are looking for something that looks sophisticated with a natural pop of color will love this palette. It would look perfect on an outdoor backdrop, such as a forest, near water, or with some natural décor. To help choose your pop of green, the Pantone Color of the Year is a great shade to complete the palette.

wedding bouquet in hands of groom

Turquoise, Lavender, Mocha

Spring might be a time of reawakening for nature, but it’s also a time to relax, go with the flow, and smell the flowers. This color palette of turquoise, lavender, and mocha is a perfect combination for a breezy kind of feel that mixes some light pastels with a bold turquoise.

The added mocha color is a darker shade that speaks to the more natural elements of spring, so this palette is really a mixture of the different outdoor elements of earth and water. Those couples who are getting married in the outdoors could certainly use this palette for their decor inspiration, and colors such as a deep turquoise or rich mocha will look very sophisticated, both in bridesmaid dresses and combined for groomsmen suits.

lavender wedding cake on serving table

Tan, White, Latte, Pale Blue

Sometimes, less is indefinitely more. Those couples who are embracing a very simple color scheme for their wedding might consider a combination like tan, white, latte, and a pale blue to create a serene, calm ambiance for their wedding.

These colors work well together, with the tans and lattes creating a more rustic feel and the fresh, pastel blue adding a small pop to mirror the spring sky. A crisp, clean white is the ultimate addition to almost any color palette and could be incorporated into bouquets, table linens, and other statement décor. These colors would work best in a rustic location, such as a barn or cabin, but could also work well near water or on a beach. The idea here is to let the venue speak for itself, with complementary colors that blend very well together.

Peach, Mint, Silver

This little trio of colors is the perfect welcoming into spring; soft greens, bright peaches, and a touch of metallic are easy on the eyes and a perfect reflection of the spring season. The green and silver are two soft, cool colors, and the peach adds an element of warm that would look perfect against a sunrise or pink sunset.

These colors are perfect for a very elegant wedding, as all three are very classy colors that would complement any natural backdrop. Both the peaches and greens are both good colors for bridesmaid dresses and flowers, and the silver color could be incorporated into jewelry for both wedding parties.

Those couples who really love succulents could certainly use this color scheme, considering succulents have a lot of minty green/blue colorings or peach-colored roses or peonies.

bride and groom embrace holding bouquet

Deciding on a final color scheme for your wedding can be tough; there are so many amazing colors and, sometimes, you don’t want to settle for just a few! However, incorporating too many colors begins to look messy, so it’s important to find a few colors you love and then move on to the next part of your planning.

If you’re planning a wedding for the spring, be sure to consider some of these more modern color palettes. These softer, more elegant palettes are sure to incorporate the natural elements of spring right into your wedding décor, and guests will surely enjoy such unique color combinations. If you want to give guests a little piece of your beautiful color palette to take home, consider adding the shades into their table favors with little notes about the chosen colors.

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