Passport Diaries: Dream Honeymoon in Bali

Honeymoon in bali

As you plan your rehearsal dinner, your engagement party, and all that a wedding entails, take the time to think of the relaxing days of your honeymoon.  Put your feet up, loosen your tense mind with a glass of Indonesian Jepun Sparkling Rose wine, and consider having your dream honeymoon in Bali.

As a popular tourist destination, Bali is in the southernmost portion of Indonesia, just east of Java and to the west of the Lesser Sunda Islands. The small island of 2,153 square miles boasts white sandy beaches in the south and coffee plantations along the northern coast. Coral reefs surround the island, offering fascinating snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities.


A honeymooner’s dream, Bali offers first-class luxury resorts. Your choice of accommodation ranges from full-service spas to your own personal and secluded honeymoon villa. Picture yourself waking in the morning to breakfast served on a warm, sunny veranda. You can enjoy freshly picked fruit for breakfast, and coffee that was harvested just a few miles away.

Frolic or Leisure

In Bali, your only concern is whether the day will consist of lazy hours by the pool, or whether you should stretch out on the beach with choice reading material. For those of you who are adventuresome, take a bike ride through fields of rice paddies, ride alongside ornate pagodas, or visit one of the many temples in the area.

One spectacular view you will not want to miss is the Tanah Lot Temple. It is built on a rocky island, and it is reputed to have magnificent views of the sunset. The word “Tanah” means island, and “Lot” means sea. Taken together, the temple is a small island floating on the sea. It could be argued the place is a bit of heaven floating on the water. As a well-known tourist destination, you will likely find this temple a little more crowded than some southern beaches or mountain treks.

If you are in search of adventure and stunning colorful skies, be sure to set aside one morning for an early rise. Delay your fresh fruit and coffee at the oceanfront for a few hours and take a volcano sunrise trek to the active Butur Volcano or the Agung Mount.

The Butur Mountain Trek is about a two-hour hike, so wear appropriate footwear. Hikers feel like they have arrived at the top of the world, with the exhilaration of a strenuous climb combined with the glory of a breathtaking sunrise. Many hikers conclude their morning with a tour of a coffee plantation.

Bali sunset

Visitors to Bali can also plan a visit to Elephant Safari Park, tour the Uluwatu Temple, or experience the top-rated water park in Asia, considered second to best in the world. The Waterbom Bali has recently been renovated and includes a Lazy River ride, a high rising Pipeline, and a crazy, winding Double Twist.

Trendy Treats or Fine Dining

To plan the perfect trip, plan a honeymoon for at least ten days to accommodate your lazy mornings, adventuresome afternoons, and luxurious evenings of dining out. You may choose to spend one evening in the once quaint fishing village of Jimbaran. It has now become a hot spot for celebrities, with secluded areas and resorts hidden under the canopies of tropical leaves.

Options for dining in Jimbaran stretch from Restaurant Sundara, which serves an Indonesian cuisine, to the Rock Bar, known for its spectacular view of waves crashing against the rocks. If you remain into the evening, you may want to visit some of the local bars and pubs in the vicinity.

Couple on beach in bali

A Place for Beginnings

Bali, the romantic tropical island, awaits you. This island is the place for your new life together to begin. Let the intelligent and fascinating people of Bali welcome you and offer their hospitality.

If you decide to honeymoon in Bali, you can include a small packet of Balinese coffee, combined with monogrammed travel mugs, as gifts for your wedding party. The guys might prefer an insulated cooler with a clear growler. Wherever you choose to honeymoon, working your trip destination into your wedding theme is a fun idea.

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