All You Need to Know to Prepare Your Skin for Your Wedding


Remember the episode of That 70’s Show where Eric gets a gigantic pimple on picture day? We probably don’t want to admit it but, for brides, this is one of our biggest fears when it comes to the day of our wedding.

But, have no fear! We’re here to save the day with some invaluable tips for looking your best on your big day.

Start Early

If you have significant blemishes or problem areas, don’t wait until the night before the wedding to scrub your face to perfection. Not only will this not work, but it can also be harmful. You’ll need a good two weeks to prepare your skin if you want a healthy, blemish-free glow. You should focus on getting a good night’s sleep, eating healthier, and drinking enough water each day.

Find Out Your Skin Type

This is the first thing you’ll want to do before you ever apply any products to your face. Certain products made for oily skin won’t work as well if you have dry skin and vice versa. Always match any products you buy to your skin type for the best results.


If you don’t use an exfoliating face wash regularly, you may want to consider using an exfoliating scrub or making your own at home. This will remove dirt from your pores, control breakouts, and prevent dryness. Exfoliation is one of the secrets behind the famous wedding day glow.


We mean it! Do not skip this tip. Using face wash, particularly one with harsh chemicals, can dry out your face. If you apply makeup without applying moisturizer first, you’re almost guaranteed to experience a breakout.

Use a Face Mask

Treat yourself and your skin to a face mask. You can easily make your own out of ingredients you already have at home. Or, if you prefer to grab a mask from the store, scan the ingredients list for aloe vera, argan oil, grape seed oil, and tamanu. These natural ingredients will help give your skin that radiant glow.

Cucumber Slices for Your Eyes

No, this isn’t just another beauty myth that Hollywood created. Placing slices of cucumbers over your eyes can reduce the appearance of dark circles. Cucumbers contain valuable antioxidants that help reduce irritation and swelling. You’ll need to leave them in place for up to thirty minutes for the full effect.

Use Your Hands When You Wash Your Face

Washing your face? Put down the washcloth. Washcloths and brushes provide the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria that can cause breakouts and blemishes.

Apply Benzoyl Peroxide to Zap a Zit

If you do end up having an Eric Forman-esque pimple crisis, arm yourself with benzoyl peroxide. This can help dry up a pimple quickly. Even if it doesn’t go away completely, it’ll be easier to cover up after you’ve used the peroxide. Whatever you do, don’t pop that zit!

Primer Is Important

Prevent a mid-day makeup meltdown by putting on primer after moisturizing but before applying foundation. Not only will it help your makeup last longer, but it’ll also add an extra layer of protection to your skin.

Use Professional Brushes for Makeup

If you want, you can use your fingers to blend foundation to prevent a streaky appearance. For all your other products, you’ll need to invest in a good set of professional brushes. These will help better blend your products for a flawless, photo-ready face.

Try Contouring

Contouring is a major beauty craze right now, and for good reason. This technique can make your nose look smaller, your cheekbones seem higher, and draw the eyes away from problem areas of the face.

Wear Sunscreen

Ideally, you should already be doing this anyway. UV rays from the sun can cause significant skin damage even when it’s cloudy outside. Plus, you don’t want to sport a sunburn during your wedding ceremony.

Steer Clear of Stress

We know this one is a lot easier than it sounds, particularly as the wedding day draws nearer. Still, you should try to reduce your stress levels as much as possible. Stress can cause your skin to break out badly. If you feel overwhelmed, take a moment to do something you enjoy. After all, your wedding day is going to be one of the best days of your life! Keep that in mind especially in times when the planning is weighing heavily on your shoulders.

And there you have it – all you need to know to prepare your skin for your big day and protect yourself from beauty blunders.

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