Modern and Memorable Wedding Favors


Every couple knows it is good etiquette to send a small favor home with a guest to say thank you, but choosing the perfect item can be difficult. Fortunately, modern couples are thinking outside the box to choose something that contributes to the theme of their wedding and is something guests are happy to have.

To think of something they will take home at the end of the night and not just leave on tables for you to clean up, read some of our tips to find an innovative idea that will be perfect for your celebration.


Even though your guests are probably full from the delicious wedding meal, they will appreciate a little snack to take home or something to make in the future.

  • Cake: Send home pieces of that tiered masterpiece in cute cake boxes. Ask your caterer to box slices of cake after it is served and leave them on a table near the door of your reception.
  • Baking Mix: If you have a signature cookie or brownie recipe, consider giving it to your guests with your secret! Layer the dry ingredients in mason jars and put a little tag with your recipe around the neck.
  • Cookie Cutters: Think of a creative shape that will remind people of your wedding – a palm tree for a beach wedding or an engagement ring shape– and wrap it in a personalized bag.
  • Popcorn: Fill a small mason jar with popcorn kernels, think of a witty phrase or a play on your new last name, and leave one at each place setting. With a cute tag, these little jars can contribute to your table décor in addition to being a great treat for your guests long after your celebration.



Keep the celebration going long after your wedding has ended. Give guests something to sip on or sip out of after they’ve lifted the last toast in your honor.

  • Champagne: Create a personalized label for mini bottles of champagne or prosecco. Your guests will enjoy toasting you after they’ve gone home for the evening.
  • Cocktail Supplies: Are you planning on a signature cocktail for your wedding? Buy mini bottles of the main liquor and tie the recipe to them.
  • Bottle Opener: If you plan to have bottled beer or other beverages at your reception, place a personalized bottle opener at each place setting.
  • Coasters: This is a great idea for the DIY couple! Make a custom stamp for sheets of cork or buy antique tiles from a local thrift store.

Fun and Useful

Offering guests a little trinket to take home is traditional, but you can break out of the box with something fun that they will use often and remember the great time they had celebrating your marriage.

  • Luggage Tags: This is a great idea for a destination wedding. If you have a small group, have each tag personalized with name and address.
  • Flip flops: Make sure everyone dances the night away in comfortable shoes by offering baskets of flip flops near the dance floor at your reception.
  • Lottery Ticket: A cute personalized envelope containing a lottery ticket is a fun and unexpected favor to send home with your guests. They may even share their winnings with you!
  • Plant or Seeds: A little succulent, herb garden seeds, or a tree sapling are great favors that will add to your guests’ home gardens. They will remember your wedding every time they look outside.


Modern Take on Traditional

If you are a classic bride and want to stick to tradition, there are still ways to get creative and give your guests something they will love.

  • Mix CD: Throwback to the 2000s with a custom mix CD! Load it up with special songs from your wedding – your processional, your first dance, and so on.
  • Matchbox: This has been a traditional favor for decades, but it is always a good one. Manufacturers are offering more options for custom boxes than ever, so you can create the perfect little token for your guests.
  • Holiday Ornament: If your wedding falls around the holidays, consider giving your guests a creative ornament. By putting one on each place setting, these will make your reception even more festive.
  • Charitable Donation: Make your wedding meaningful in more ways than one! Choose a charity you support and give a donation in honor of your wedding guests. Many charities offer a template for you to print out and leave for each guest to let them know of your generosity in their names.

Make sure your guests know you appreciate them with a little extra token to take home. They will appreciate the gesture and will remember your amazing wedding for years to come.

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