Live Event Painting of the Wedding Ceremony

You have spent months planning the perfect wedding, but you are still looking for a keepsake that is truly unique.

Try live event painting. This new wedding trend is a throwback to the days of painters studying the gardens of Versailles or painting ancient portraits as wedding contracts, but it is far less formal these days.

Today’s version of the wedding painting is one that ties in with your general theme or aesthetic of your wedding. If your venue, wedding invitations, and the bride’s dress have a modern feel, your event painting can reflect that not just by preserving the big day but its style and emotion as well.

Here is everything you need to know about live event paintings for your wedding.

artist with paint brush and easel

It’s All About the Artist

Anytime you are dealing with art, you want to select the right artist. You need to do some homework on the right style and artist for your big occasion. Also, keep in mind what kind of art speaks to you.

Do you love soft, watery impressionist art or does your preference lean more toward photo realism? Are you open to different approaches like mixed media or colored pencils, as well as painting? Maybe you just want a lovely watercolor to keep in the coming years. As the client, it will help you and the artist if you are very clear about what you like and what you have in mind for the event. Look for examples; artists think visually, so an image that illustrates your goal is helpful.

Event painter Joan Zylkin, who claims to be the first modern artist to take on live wedding paintings, has a soft and romantic style with a lot of energy. She does a great job capturing the spirit of your reception and the warmth of the company.

Ben Keys, on the other hand, has a more colorful and almost impressionist approach that revels in the colors and textures of the space.

Katherine Gressel, who travels around the world to paint events, has a more classic approach and offers the opportunity to work from photos of your wedding.

Each of these artists is a great choice. It’s up to you to choose the one that best reflects your style and captures the emotion of your day.

painter working on canvas

Save Them a Space

You have to keep in mind that an artist needs room to work, but an event painter also needs a good vantage point. This can be a fun challenge, as you can choose a space that lets your guests wander behind the artist and watch the work in progresses.

Your artist will need to arrive early and get the setting down first. This will create depth and add more detail to the picture. They will continue to paint as the ceremony and reception goes on.

The genius of the painting goes beyond how the event looks and really highlight the emotions of the day. The artist will freeze a moment of the big event and use it to energize the work and really bring it to life.

woman outdoors painting landscape

Be Patient

While some artists can finish up the painting at the end of the ceremony, not all of them will be able to do this. They might want to spend some time with the work in their studio, adding some final details and cleaning up any rough edges.

Keep in mind that a painting is a personal endeavor, and your artist may need some extra space to make your piece extra special. Give the painter a few extra days and set the expectation for the finished product.

Negotiate the Price

A typical live event painting, particularly those for weddings, will generally run about $1,000 per piece.

Event painting is not easy. Painters spend a lot of time practicing by creating street scenes, tourists at the beach, or parks. It takes a special individual to truly pull off a stunning painting, so this is not the time to look for an inexpensive alternative. Once you see the finished product, you’ll have something that you can cherish forever.

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