All That Glitters: Metallic Trends in Bridal Gowns

woman wearing mermaid tulle wedding dress

For some brides-to-be, it’s not always just about the diamond; it’s also about the gold! Metallic tones have always been popular when it comes to being a part of wedding décor, whether it is in the table settings, the shoes, and, of course, in the jewelry.

These days, however, gold, silver, copper, and all of the rest of the beautiful metallic family are getting the big debuts that they deserve. Many brides are now embracing metallic tones for the main colors in their weddings, creating a very classy, lush color scheme that can be dressed up for black tie events, or dressed down with neutral tones and greens for vintage weddings. Metallic tones are very versatile, so they’re a great choice for any bride.

If you are planning to decorate with metallic colors for your wedding, then you should be sure to look for these trends in bridal gowns.

1. Metallic Lace

Even a bride who is having a hard time deciding between wearing white and fancy metallic can have her cake and eat it, too. With this latest trend, brides are still showing off a clean white dress, but an overlay of metallic lace adds that extra wow factor over the top.

This can be done over the entirety of the dress, or they can add it on in sections so that it isn’t too overpowering. For those brides that want a little bit of shimmer, consider adding metallic-colored lace along the bottom of the dress, along the neckline, or even along the back.

corset of wedding dress being laced by woman

2. In the Veil

This is another great option for brides who want a little sparkle of metallic without giving up their dream of wearing the white dress. The veil is an extension of the dress, and it’s such a beautiful accessory that most brides can get away with wearing them all day. There are so many new wedding veil styles, including short, more convenient veils, so these are perfect for a bride who wants to show off some glimmer in photos without being overwhelmed by a floor-length veil.

For this fashion statement, you can make the veil as bright and bold or subtle as you’d like. Consider a light pattern of shimmering gold polka dots or a heavier floral pattern in silver. It’s really up to the bride, and this kind of design is perfect, both in the glimmering sun or in the middle of a crisp winter where the metallics are sure to dazzle.

3. Hidden in the Tulle

Tulle is always fun because it looks amazing when brides twirl, and it gives off more of a fairy-tale look that so many brides love. If you want to add a metallic trend to your bridal gown, consider adding it into the tulle so that you can show it off at the most opportune moments.

Many brides use their tulle to add in their favorite colors like blue or pink, but metallic can look just as wonderful in a light pattern that shimmers underneath the dress. This is a little more of a conspicuous look, so you can still show off an all-white gown during your ceremony but then jazz things up when the music starts. Add a little bit of a hint in your wedding invitations by adding in some metallic colors to the font or background of the invitation, so guests can get a small taste of what’s to come.

woman wearing slinky jewel covered dress

4. All-Over Sequins

Brides who are looking to make more of a statement when it comes to their wedding gowns might consider this new trend that is sweeping over brides and bridesmaids, alike. These dresses are covered from head to toe in sequins of your color choice, and the end look is incredibly stylish, modern, and classy.

For brides, a dress like this might end up costing you a little bit more than other designs because of the work involved, but the result is a dress that guests won’t forget. For a dress that still incorporates some white, consider having a good mixture of silver and white sequins or having the dress start in silver at the bottom and let it work its way up to all white.

This kind of style is definitely more suited to a black-tie wedding; however, with some simple jewelry and a soft hairstyle, this kind of design can be styled by any bride who loves to stand out.


Every bride should be able to wear the dress of her dreams when the big day comes along. However, it can sometimes be hard to get what you really want when everyone is choosing your styles for you. If you know you want metallic in your bridal gown, do some research ahead of time so that you know where to look when it comes to finding that special dress for your wedding day.

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