Glamorous Vintage Inspired Weddings

Glamorous Vintage Inspired WeddingsWe live in an age where old is new. With all of the older looks coming back into style, people have been making thrift store couture. This vintage look does not just apply to everyday clothing and décor but is now taking over the wedding scene. The glamor and sophistication of the vintage inspired wedding are sure to leave your guests in awe and will make your day to remember even more memorable and special.

Vintage Decor

Vintage Wedding Decorations

Once you have your venue, you need to begin thinking about how you are going to decorate to really capture the glamorous vintage theme you are looking for. No matter the venue you choose, you can create a vintage feel with your décor. The following are some suggestions for you to consider.

HeartPastel Color Scheme

There is nothing more rustically, glamorously vintage than a pastel color scheme. Bright, neon colors were popular in the modern wedding era; however, as trends have changed, so have the color choices. These lighter color choices such as light pinks, yellows, purples, and greens set the tone for your vintage, romantic day.

HeartTypes of distressed wood decorDistressed Wood

For a rustic vintage feel for your wedding, you will definitely want to include somedistressed wooden elements. When used appropriately, these can make any venue appear more vintage and glamorous. Try including old wooden barrels, flower boxes, chairs, ladders, or crates for effortless beauty.

HeartChristmas Lights

The name of these might lead one to think that they can only be used during the holiday season; however, white holiday lights can instantly add a soft touch of glamor to your wedding décor. Try stringing them along the walls of your venue, putting them into a vase or wine bottle for a centerpiece, or even using them to create a faux tent for your outside festivities.

HeartGold Accents

Gold is a very glamorous color, but, to keep the vintage feel to your wedding, you want to make sure not to go overboard. For this reason, including slight accents of gold are all you need. By adding in gold-painted picture frames, mirrors, vases, chairs, or chandeliers, you can have a wedding fit for a vintage queen!


Pearls are a timeless classic, and this does not just apply when you are trying to make a jewelry choice. Pearls are another way to add some vintage glam to your special day. Try stringing strands of them from the backs of chairs or adding them to your flower arrangements and centerpieces.

HeartTea Candles

These little lights are a simple and romantic way to set the mood for your glamorous, vintage inspired wedding. They are a great way to add in softer lighting and keep you from the harsh, bright lighting that can take away from the vintage feel. Try floating them in water in your centerpieces. Whatever you do, just make sure they are out of the way so they will not get knocked over or burn any of your guests.

Vintage Venues

Vintage Wedding Venues

The venue is a fundamental part of your special day. Fortunately, when it comes to tying in a vintage feel, you have countless options. Here are just a few to check out!

HeartBlurred background image. The interior of the theater arts. The auditorium with seats chairsAn Old Theater

Nothing says old Hollywood glam like a vintage theater. While many old theaters are still in use for movie showings, they can be transformed into a wedding wonderland that will set the scene for your day.

HeartA Barn

Barns have been a favorite in the wedding world for a while now, and it is obvious why. These venues offer a unique backdrop for a more rustic and vintage feel and give you plenty of open space to work with.

HeartA Vineyard

Vineyards offer a fantastic setting to combine both rustic and glamorous. Many of these venues have barns or similar buildings if you would like to have a portion of your reception or ceremony inside. However, if you prefer to keep all of the festivities outside, there is normally plenty of space to set up a tent and a dance floor with rolling vineyards in the background. For an added sense of glamor, try featuring some of the house wines at your reception.

HeartA Brewery

If wine is not your style, you might want to try a brewery instead. These have venues ranging from beautiful rolling hills to industrial scenes, but they will all infuse a bit of vintage glamor into your special day. Again, featuring some of the house brews is a fun way to bring everything together.

HeartThe Abbey, Brittany, FranceAn Old Mansion

No matter what part of the country you are in, there is probably a beautiful antique mansion for hosting your ceremony or reception. Often these houses are not lived in and specifically serve as venues or as a museum. The beautiful architecture and gardens are sure to bring a very glamorous vintage feel you and your guests will remember for years to come.

HeartYour Own Backyard

Holding your wedding or reception in your family backyard is a fun and economical way to add a unique personal touch. With the right attention to detail, it is possible to give this venue the vintage touch. Besides, having your childhood home as a venue offers a great way to bring in some newer-vintage touches, such as childhood memories.

Vintage Dresses

Vintage Wedding Dresses

The wedding dress is what really sets the tone for your wedding day. There are a lot of ways to go glamorously vintage with your dress without looking dated and while still maintaining an irresistible beauty that your guests and, more importantly, you and your future spouse will love. Take a look at some of these ways to make sure that you are looking glamorous.


Gone are the days of lace being something that only your grandmother would wear. Now, lace screams glamor, sophistication, and beauty. It is ultimately what people think of when they think vintage glamor, and it should not be overlooked on your wedding dress hunt. However, to maintain the vintage look, make sure the lace is not too stiff or rigid.


White may be the traditional color for wedding dresses, but going slightly off-white or ivory is a nice way to keep the traditional feel while also bringing in some vintage tones. Since they are not as bright and crisp as pure white, off-white dresses maintain a softer, older feel. Do not be fooled; older, in this case, does not mean dated but, rather, can still be presented as youthful yet vintage.


Over the past few years, many brides have been opting for sleeveless gowns. However, adding sleeves to your dress may be the boost you need to really feel elegant and vintage. If you are going for a full sleeve look, try going for a sheer lace that lets your skin peep through. It will give the old-time feel a bit of a modern and flirty update. No matter if you are going for long or short, any form of sleeves will add a glamorous, classic style to your wedding wardrobe.

the charming bride


Delicate beading is sure to add some glamor to your vintage-inspired wedding dress. These beads look beautiful when woven into lace, or else can give you a faux lace feel on a simpler fabric with detailing imitating the designs of traditional lace. Additionally, the use of beads can help to soften up the starched white fabric if you choose to stick with the traditional color.

Vintage Accessories

Vintage Bridal Accessories

One way to ensure your bridal wardrobe is perfectly vintage-glam is to use the proper accessories. The right accessories can make or break any outfit, and your wedding outfit is no exception. Highlight your own timeless beauty with these fun, head-to-toe accessories.


Jewelry is the perfect addition to any outfit, whether it is simple or extravagant. When thinking about ways to add a vintage feel to your bridal look, it is important to think about the type of jewelry you are wearing. Stick to pearls, crystals, and diamonds for some added glamor. Do not be afraid to mix pearls and bling in your earrings, necklaces, or bracelets pairings to complete your look.

beautiful bracelet and earrings of pearl women


Fun hairpieces are the epitome of vintage glamor. Options range from tiaras to clips to headbands and can be used either with or in place of veils. Again, with these pieces, do not be afraid to mix pearls and crystals or diamonds. For an extra vintage feel, do your hair up in a soft and light up-do with these accessories.


A belt is a fun way to add some bling and definition to your dress. This is a wonderful addition, especially if you are a bride who is not a fan of traditional jewelry. Additionally, it is a great way to define your waist and highlight your shape.


What is more old Hollywood glamor than gloves to wear on your wedding day? There are even elegant fingerless gloves so you can showcase your new wedding bling.


These are a great way to add in lace, beads, or bling.  Try adding a vintage broach to them for an extra glamorous feel!

Vintage groom attire

Vintage Groom Attire

A wedding is not a one-sided affair, so it would be wrong to leave out the men when talking about how to create a glamorous, vintage-inspired wedding. There are many ways for your man to spruce up his look for your big day, from the suit to the shoes. Talk about some of these styles with him.

HeartGo for Color

There is no need to stick with the traditional black suit for your wedding day. For a fun, vintage touch, try switching up the color. Go for grays, browns, tans, or deep teals and maroons to keep things classy while still adding a different, vintage touch.

HeartGroom In a vested suit posing in the fieldDitch the Coat

Another way to switch things up for your groom is by having him go coatless. This might sound like the opposite of glamor, but we promise you will still have a stylish wedding with some fun and funky vintage touches.

HeartTie It with a Bow

Nothing screams vintage glam like a bowtie. Have your man trade out the traditional tie for one that is an ode to older, simpler times. This look is sure to add a classy touch and will showcase how handsome your husband-to-be is.


Okay, so maybe your groom is not a fan of the suit vest. This is not a bad thing at all and opens up possibilities for you to add some vintage touches. Visible suspenders offer an effortless way to bring glamor to your special day while adding a fun, carefree feeling.

Vintage extras

Vintage Wedding Extras

Your wedding is well on its way to being perfectly vintage. Here are some final ways to add in some vintage inspiration to your wedding day.

Decorated tea cup


Your save-the-dates and wedding invitations are the first glimpses that your guests get of what your special day is going to be like. This is a key time to set the tone for your wedding and introduce your glamorous vintage theme. Play with your fonts and introduce vintage elements like lace, burlap, or pearls.


A wedding cake is an iconic piece in a reception. To add some vintage glamor to your cake, play with different elements. Bring in soft, pastel colors subtly by adding flowers and piping, or else make your whole cake pastel to really drive the color scheme home. Pipe on lace-like designs with frosting and add on edible pearls for elements of old glamor.

Your options are endless, and, if you draw in vintage pieces that are visible throughout your wedding as a whole, the cake can be the string that ties everything together on your special day.

Vintage styled cake on wooden table


Your wedding favors are your last chance to showcase your wedding theme to your guests. There are many ways to add vintage elements to gifts your guests are sure to love. Try creating lace bags in which to send home candy such as Jordan almonds or Hershey kisses, or an ornate vintage key.

Or, if you are looking for a fun gift your guests will love, try planting succulents in or making candles in vintage teacups, sending home a jar of popcorn kernels, or giving them a wrapped stick of cotton candy or an old-time bottle of Coca-Cola. If you are creative and true to your style and your future spouse’s style, you cannot go wrong.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

There are so many ways to create the perfect vintage weddings. From the dress, to the venue, to the invitations, if you follow a few basics you will hit the perfect amount of glamor with an old-time feel.

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