Destination Weddings for Adventure Enthusiasts

Destination weddings for adventure enthusiastsInstead of traditional local weddings, many couples are opting for destination weddings. There’s something exciting about having a gorgeous beach or mountain as the backdrop for your wedding photos.

But, instead of beach weddings – which are becoming way too trendy – many couples are opting for a wedding filled with adventures. These thrill seekers are getting married in unusual places, from high up in the air to under the sea.

How choose perfect wedding venue infographicIf you and your spouse-to-be are adventure seekers, why not see about a fun and thrilling destination wedding? There are places all over the world that can satisfy your adrenaline rush. Whether you’re looking for something in your home state or a location halfway across the globe, there are many cool destinations to consider. Here are some ideas to get you inspired for your big day.

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Venice, Italy

If you enjoy history and culture and are up for a little adventure, consider Venice. Venice is a great location for eloping – not having a huge wedding with all your friends and family. Travel there, get secretly married, and then spend your days exploring the streets with your new spouse. It delivers romance infused with adventure.

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Tropical island surrounded by clear blue oceanNew Zealand

New Zealand’s rugged terrain includes tall mountains, lush green valleys, and stunning beaches. No matter what type of wedding you’re looking for, you can have it here. Adventurous types can climb the mountains on the South Island and experience majestic views.

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If you enjoy nature but without all the trees, Iceland is your paradise. The beauty of Iceland’s mountains, glaciers, and waterfalls make the perfect backdrop for stunning wedding photos. If you enjoy hiking, you can find a unique place to recite your vows.

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Railay West, Thailand

This tropical paradise is more than just sand and water. While it makes a great location for a beach wedding, it holds much more for adventure seekers. After the wedding, you can go rock climbing, kayaking, or go exploring in the many caves.

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Green hills blue sky sceneryPacific Northwest

The Washington and Oregon areas offer a ton of natural beauty for your wedding. Choose from waterfalls, mountains, redwood forests, high desert, and dramatic coastlines, and you’ll find bountiful stunning landscapes, especially if you’re up for some hiking.

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At a museum

If you and your finance love history and culture, why not get married at your favorite museum? A wedding surrounded by dinosaur bones and artifacts is definitely original. There are different types of museums to consider, such as train and auto museums. Plus, many museums have exquisite architecture, making a beautiful backdrop for your photos.

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Langkawi, Malaysia

If you’re looking for a slice of island paradise, don’t overlook Asia – particularly Malaysia. Langkawi consists of 104 islands, of which only four are inhabited. For adventurous enthusiasts, this means you have a lot of exploring to do. Besides engaging in activities such as cruises and island hopping tours, you and your sweetie can discover new beaches around the various islands.

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Married couple on amusement park rideRoller coaster ride

Looking for something a bit more exhilarating? What about saying your vows on a roller coaster ride? This idea isn’t for the faint at heart, especially if you tend to get motion sickness. But, if you’re a thrill seeker who’d like an adrenaline rush on your wedding day, check out the New York New York Hotel roller coaster in Las Vegas. You are lifted 203 feet into the air and dropped 144 feet. The top speed is 67 mph.

At Cedar Point in Ohio, a couple said their vows on Millennium Force, one of the tallest roller coasters in the world. It was certainly a good way to start married life on a high note. If you’re not into Vegas or Ohio, or would rather get married on your favorite ride, you can always have your officiant meet you at your local amusement park.

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If you love water sports and don’t mind getting your wedding attire wet, an underwater wedding is a cool idea. Getting married in a favorite lake or ocean is not something couples do every day. If you have your own pool, you can even have your wedding there, below the surface. It’ll definitely make for some fun and unique wedding photos. Just make sure you don’t try this in rented attire. Otherwise, you’ll end up ruining the dress and tux, and that’ll be coming out of your wallet.

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In the sky

Prefer to get married above the ground – like high up in the air? Marriage in the Sky offers the opportunity to say “I do” 150 feet up in the air. This platform allows five people to stand in the middle and can hold up to 20 fearless guests (they will be secured with five-point seat belts). The platform is approximately 42 feet long and just over 25 feet wide. Start off wedding bliss with this adrenaline rush. Just make sure your guests aren’t afraid of heights!

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Couple just married embracing before hot air balloonOn a hot air balloon

Want to get married in the sky but desire something a bit less dramatic but more romantic? At the International Balloon Fiesta – which is held from October 7-15 in 2017 – couples can tie the knot while soaring through the clouds. The annual event, held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, draws couples from all over the country. You can keep your ceremony small and romantic or get a balloon that holds up to 12 people and invite some guests. It’s a great way to have a fall wedding with warm summer-like temperatures.

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In a cave

If you prefer to get married underground, but not necessarily underwater, then a cave fits the bill. Caves offer a variety of rock formations to provide natural scenery. Tie the knot among stalagmites, stalactites, and other cool cave rocks. There are many types of caves, such as ice caves, marble caves, gypsum caves, lava tubes, and sea caves. Caves often have underground lakes that would provide a beautiful wedding location. As an added bonus, you don’t have to worry about weather issues – it stays the same year-round.

You may have caves in your area, or you can find a map of caves around the country. Bridal Caves in Missouri is a popular place to get married. More than 2,500 couples have married there since the 1800s.

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On a glacier

If you’re the outdoorsy type and don’t mind cold weather – or ice, for that matter – a wedding on a glacier can be a cool idea (literally!). Pearson’s Pond in Alaska helps couples plan weddings on a glacier. The wedding may involve a helicopter or boat ride to get to the glacier of your choice.

As you can imagine, the weather is cold. Don’t expect to wear ordinary wedding attire. Dresses are covered with long fur coats and high heels are swapped for chunky snow boots to keep you stable and safe in the artic conditions.

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Grand canyon wedding coupleThe desert

If you’re looking for something on the other end of the weather spectrum, why not a desert? While a desert makes a gorgeous backdrop for a wedding, it can get uncomfortably hot. In fact, in the summer, expect temperatures of 110-120 degrees or hotter unless you choose to do the ceremony in high desert. If you do plan a desert wedding, opt for the winter so you can avoid complications from the heat.

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On a bridge

In Maine, the covered bridges are hot spots for weddings. The Artist’s Bridge is s favorite spot. Built in 1872, this beautiful bridge overlooks a brook and forest. If you have a similar bridge in your area, you can arrange to have your nuptials there.

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On a volcano

This idea might sound extreme at first. However, there’s no cause for alarm. In Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, couples marry next to a volcano all the time. Although the volcano is considered active, it hasn’t erupted in centuries. If the idea of getting married in Hawaii sounds alluring, but you don’t want a beach wedding, this sounds like a fun alternative.

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Bride and groom embracing with flowers at the forefrontBallpark or stadium

If you both are huge sports fans, baseball and football stadiums make great wedding venues. Hold the wedding at the home stadium of your favorite team. A warm afternoon in the late spring or early summer is the perfect time to stand outdoors among the bleachers and say “I do.”

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On a pirate ship

Ahoy, mates! If your idea of a dream wedding involves a pirate ship, Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has the props to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind wedding. Wedding rings are delivered by a swinging pirate, and you can get captured on the ship. The venue gets rave reviews from couples who want to ditch traditional wedding settings and do something more energetic. This is a fun idea for those who want to get married in the City of Lights but not in a traditional Vegas-style wedding chapel.

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Get married among man-eating animals

If you two are animal lovers, saying your vows among lions, tigers, and bears is an obvious choice for a wedding venue. Southern California boasts an animal sanctuary called Lions, Tigers & Bears. There, you can stay in a private retreat surrounded by lions, tigers, bears, leopards, bobcats, and horses. You can even feed them at certain times of the day.

The sights and sounds are truly amazing, from the views of the trees and open land to the roars of the lions and the squawks of the peacocks. As an alternative, you can have a local zoo as your wedding venue.

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Stone castle with fall trees in the backdropIn a castle

As a girl, you may have dreamed about getting married in a castle, just like a princess. Now that you’re grown up, you don’t have to let that fairytale die. You can still live out your dream decades later by forgoing the chapel and having your wedding at a castle instead.

If you’re a city girl, New York City is a location to consider. Belvedere Castle in Central Park offers one-of-a-kind views of the city. Enjoy the city skyline and park from the balcony of this castle, which was built in 1869.

If getting married in the city isn’t your style, how about a tropical beach paradise? Head on over to Hawaii. You can have your fairytale wedding at Iolani Palace in Honolulu. This was where King Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani lived during Hawaii’s monarchy days.

If you’re looking to get married in an offbeat castle, how does Dracula’s castle sound? Bran Castle, the home of Vlad the Impaler, who inspired the Dracula character, is available as a wedding venue. Located in Romania, this castle hosts many events, such as concerts, dinners, parties, and fireworks displays. It’s also home to many bats, so, if you want to start married life in a venue that evokes thoughts of a scary movie, Bran Castle is the place.

Don’t settle for a traditional wedding in a church, park, or a friend’s backyard if that’s not the right approach for you. You and your betrothed can start off married life on the right foot by doing something intense together.

It can be fun to think outside the box when planning a wedding ceremony that celebrates your unique interests as a couple. Just don’t forget to take photos so you can relive your adventurous wedding day over many years to come.

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