Colorful Tablescapes for a Summer Wedding

dining setting at wedding receptionEvery wedding is special. Each bride and groom plan their wedding to their own personal preferences and tastes, which creates a unique event to enjoy with their loved ones. For brides and grooms who choose to have their wedding take place in the summer, it’s likely that they want to enjoy the warmer weather, longer days, and all of the bright natural colors that bloom in the spring and summer.

For couples planning their summer wedding, they’ll likely notice that there will be many color schemes from which to choose. This is because in the warmer months, there are quite a few more options to choose from when it comes to flowers and outdoor venues.

If you’re starting to plan your summertime wedding and you need some ideas for the guest tables, consider these colorful tablescapes. These ideas are sure to impress guests and bring out the most beautiful hues of the summer season.

Soft Greens and Neutral Browns

Not every bride and groom is going to want bright pinks and yellows on their wedding day. Luckily, even neutral palettes look great in the summer, especially if you already have a lot of the natural elements adding in bright hues.

For this tablescape, consider using a brown burlap for your table runner and collecting all kinds of see-through glass vases and glasses. You’ll want to line these glasses all down the tables, and fill them with some small rocks and colorful succulents.

Succulents are wonderful because they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, as well as a variety of colors, from green and blue to purple and pink. Use some battery-powered twinkle lights to run them in and around all of the glass jars to add a little magical touch to the clear jars and fresh greens. At the end of the night, let guests each take one plant home.

green dining setting at wedding

Lime Greens, Yellows, and Blues

Green, yellow, and blue color schemes always look great together, and you can get completely different looks if you play with the different kinds of shades in each color. For this kind of wedding tablescape, use a citrusy color like lemon yellow or lime green for the tablecloth, then use fresh bowls of fruit for the centerpieces. As your pop of color, use bright blue ribbon for napkins and chair décor, as well as wrapping a ribbon around the bowls of lemons and limes.

This is a very fresh-looking tablescape that often looks great next to a beach or a farmhouse. Try to get fresh, local fruit for your bowls and color by adding apples, cherries, or sprinkles of blueberries.

Pink & Turquoise

Bright pinks look amazing beside deep turquoise shades, and these tablescapes are sure to pop at an outdoor summer wedding. You can incorporate the pink colors into fresh floral centerpieces with roses or peonies and have turquoise table runners and vases to accentuate the color of the flowers.

Consider using white or clear tableware with this kind of colorful tablescape and add in some pink or turquoise candles to add a romantic ambiance.

Peach, Mint, Gray, and White

Rustic or bohemian-themed weddings will look amazing with a color scheme that includes peach, mint, gray, and white. While the gray and white are very subtle shades, the peach and mint are a stylish addition for a romantic tablespace that is perfect for the summer.

Peach and mint are fairly flexible colors when it comes to mixing up their shades, so consider using a mixture of the two colors for things like the table runner, plates, and vases. If you’re looking for even more rustic charm, add in some burlap and tall white candles or utilize some older china glasses that often come in soft green and peach colors.

rustic bride and groom table setting

Orange, Pink, Purple, and Green

For those brides and grooms who want a bright tablescape, then jewel tones is a sure bet. For this option, going with bright oranges and pinks is perfect for the floral centerpieces, while adding rich purples and dark greens into the greenery and table runners will complement the warmer colors perfectly.

This kind of tablescape looks amazing outdoors; this color scheme might be bright, but it looks amazing in a rustic setting with clear glassware and wooden tables.


For summertime weddings, the options are endless when it comes to your color choices. That means that you can make your décor, themes, and wedding invitations cheerful and in step with the season. Whether you’re going for a nautical theme or bright tones, couples really do have a lot of options for a summer wedding. Try to decide on your colors before anything else; this will help with the rest of the decorating details, and it will stop you from changing your mind too many times throughout the process.

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