Color Palettes for the Mothers of the Bride and Groom

The mothers of the bride and groom can sometimes feel a deep sense of pressure over the wardrobe they choose for the wedding ceremony. Don’t let questions about color and style keep you from enjoying every moment up until the big day. When selecting a color, consider what the bridesmaids and groomsmen will be wearing.

Of course, if the wedding is more casual, that opens up your options significantly, whereas if it is more traditional, it may give you a few less options. However, that can be a great thing when you’re overwhelmed with decisions.

The best way for mothers to choose the right outfit is to consider the wedding palette. Even selecting the same color but in a different shade can be a great option. Let’s consider some color palettes that harmonize with the colors of the big event.Lavender Field

1. The Bright Colors of Summer

You’re probably wondering how you can incorporate the right outfit along with the bright colors your bride has chosen. One of the most popular palettes of the season will include pinks, lavenders, and variations of turquoise. It can be tricky matching up to just the right shade of rose or blue, but it’s definitely easy once you master the basics..
Choose a rich mocha or a softer shade of brown that will pop in the group pictures. Don’t worry. You’re not drawing attention to yourself so much as becoming an accent mark to the wedding party. Are the groomsmen wearing tan or brown suits? Consider a champagne or taupe dress.

2. Darker, Bolder Colors

Another popular trends for wedding parties is the dark shades of blue, purple, and green this season. Navy and coral are at the top of color pairings this season, as well as deep reds and burgundies.

Complementary colors for this style are just as bold and make a statement. With all the variations of dark blues, consider a steel or eggplant color. Reds are enriched by the darker shades of gray like charcoal and smoke. If eggplant is the centerpiece color, think about
mocha or bronze. Of course, if you feel more comfortable in a lighter shade, there are no rules saying you can’t lighten your color choice up a shade or two.

3. All That Glitters


You’re stepping into the season of dressed-down glitter and gold. Brides are pairing pale and soft colors with platinum, gold, and shimmer to create an ethereal, feminine environment for their guests. This style leans more toward woodland fairy tale than a traditional chapel; however, rhinestones and sequins are on the rise in classic and traditional weddings.

Humor your bride by considering a platinum or gold dress. Maybe it will be only elements of the outfit rather than the entire piece that has a little shine to it, and that is okay. Pale and deep greens also complement this style well. Thankfully, matching greens perfectly is never a high priority because nature doesn’t give us only one shade of green!

4. Burnt Oranges, Canary Yellows, and Cranberries

You’re trying to wrap your mind around all the orange and bright yellow. It will turn out beautiful on the flowers and young bridesmaids, but you’re questioning how this will look on you. How do you fit into this color scheme without feeling like you either look washed out or like you’re trying too hard?


Let your worries end here. The complementary colors for this palette of shades are simple and flattering. This palette
involves lots of variations of brown. If this is too muted for you, champagne, gold, and silver are also on the list. The greatest variant color is a deep blue shade.

5.The Indecisive Bride

So, the event is getting closer, and the bride has changed her mind a few times. Maybe she hasn’t even made the first decision on colors. You want to be sure you’re dressed for the occasion, but you have no direction. How can you find an appropriate shade of dress without knowing the details of the wedding yet?

Believe it or not, black is no longer just the color of funerals. If your bride and groom are on the trendy side, black might be just perfect. Consider the prettier shades of gray like smoke, graphite, and a newer color that just came out that is a mixture of brown and gray. Silver is a classic color for mothers that is a timeless choice.

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