How to Choose the Perfect Nail Color to Complement Your Ring


Engagement rings represent the beginning to an amazing journey together with your partner. Often the first question a bride is asked after announcing the happy news is: “Can I see the ring?” The last thing you want to do is display your beautiful new ring on a poorly manicured hand.

Just as a stunning artwork needs an appropriate frame, your ring needs a perfect manicure to showcase its beauty. The best way to pair your nail color with your ring is to either match the gemstone color or complement the metal of the band and setting. So, to help to get ready to show off that gorgeous ring, here are a few elegant and stylish pairings to help you pick the perfect nail color.

Complementing Your Ring Band

Traditional Yellow Gold Bands

Though the French manicure is still the go-to style for traditional brides, try opting for a solid shade of blush or sheer pink polish to break with tradition and update your look. These shades are reminiscent of bygone eras of elegance and lend a truly stylish element to your manicure.

However, if you are feeling a bit more adventurous, try some warm pastels in a pink or peachy hue. These shades look particularly vibrant during the spring and summer months.

The Fashion-Forward Rose Gold Band

A statement ring deserves a statement nail color, and one of the best and most eye-catching manicure colors is a deep apple red. Don’t be put off by the boldness of the color; the red hue of this shade will emphasize the rose tones in the band. Be sure not to choose too dark a shade of red, and opt for a shorter, delicately rounded shape to your manicure to keep the styling elegant, so as not to outshine your ring.

White Gold or Platinum Bands

The icy tones of white gold or platinum band mean you can boldly choose a darker shade of nail color to contrast the luster of the metal. Try a gorgeous midnight blue or deep forest green shade of nail color to really amp up the shine of your ring. However, if bold colors just aren’t your style, classic neutral hues also work well with the coolness of the platinum.

Intricate Antique Settings

The combination of old world embellishment and diamond shine should be emphasized with a complementary metallic shade. The subdued hue of a metallic bronze nail color lifts the style of an antique setting while simultaneously updating the look with delicate flecks of liquid bronze that reflect the light.

Matching Colored Gemstones


While complementing the metal band of your engagement ring is an effective way to showcase the ring without overshadowing it, this generally works best with plain-colored diamonds. The current trend of colored gemstones allows brides to complement the color of the gemstone. While many brides may find color matching aesthetically limiting, the brilliance of a colored gemstone is that you can choose bold nail colors that won’t overpower the color of the stone.

Sapphire Stones

Choosing a contrasting color may seem to go against your intuition. However, choosing the right contrast will not only make a grand statement manicure but also make the color of your gemstone shine more brightly.

A classic and elegant selection for a sapphire is a contrasting deep red nail color such as crimson or brick red. Or, if you want to try a more modern look, opt for rich jewel tones in blue that will pick up the tones in your gem, making the blue of the stone appear bluer.

Canary Yellow Diamonds

Canary yellow diamonds are a statement piece that is very hard to outshine. Uplift this dramatic ring with and equally dramatic nail color such as a high-shine black or deep, dark violet. Avoid matte and neutral tones. Aside from being a safe, slightly boring choice, they will wash out your skin color against the brilliance of the citrus-colored gem.


A beautiful contrasting shade for the more unusual emerald ring is a subtle rose gold or bronze nail color. Opt for shades that are more metallic, as the brilliance of the emerald can easily stand up to the high shine of these nail colors. Alternatively, if you want to involve more color in your palette, try jewel tones in a contrasting violet color to really make the green of the emerald pop.



Your engagement ring is an important piece of jewelry and deserves to be showcased to its full potential with beautifully manicured nails. Choose your nail color based on either your ring band or the color of your gemstone to make your ring shine without overshadowing it.

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