Alternate Wedding Bands for Non-Traditional Brides

young bride and groom embraceWhen it comes to weddings, every bride is different. Her personal tastes and preferences make her unique, and that is what is so great about each and every woman! Her unique personality will shine through in all of the wedding decisions, like the dress or her bachelorette invitations, all depending on what represents her personality the best.

When it comes to the wedding band she will wear on her finger, brides might not necessarily have a specific price point or carat number that they expect, but they’ll certainly have some styles they prefer over others. For some brides, it’s all about traditional styles such as the halo and the centered stone, while for others it might be about finding something unique and out of the ordinary that speaks to their style.

For those brides who aren’t interested in the traditional band designs, consider these alternate wedding bands for non-traditional brides. These styles are equally as beautiful, but they might be harder to find. Use these style suggestions for inspiration when you are searching for the perfect wedding band.

Nature Wedding Bands

For those couples that have a connection to the outdoors, a nature wedding band might be the perfect symbol for their relationship. These bands usually have a thicker outer rim, and the inside is decorated with images of tree limbs and branches. This type of band design looks great for both males and females, so those couples wanting matching bands will certainly love this unique design.

man placing wedding band on woman

Vine and Leaf Bands

Even though the engagement ring might be the star of the show, a wedding band can be just as intricate and meaningful. These bands are a very unique and beautiful option for women who want something that looks simple, yet intricate; the vines and leaves roll in and out of each other to create a perfectly balanced weave of lines.

To add even more personality to the vine and leaf band, brides can also choose to add in diamonds or stones of various colors. These stones can sit within the leaves and look as though they’ve been woven into the actual vine.

Floral Bands

This ring design is unique, romantic, and perfect for any girl who loves her flowers. The band can boast a handful of flowers at the center but can also be designed to have smaller or same size flowers around it to create the idea of a bouquet.

Some brides may prefer a specific flower for their bands, such as a rose or daisy, or colored stones like yellow or pink to represent their birthstone or favorite color. There are a lot of options with a flower band, and this is a very feminine look that would look stunning in silver or gold.

Mokume Gane Wedding Bands

A unique wedding band option, indeed, the mokume gane wedding bands are designed by combining layers of gold colors and sterling to create a blended, oily effect. The result is that no two rings look the same; wearers can choose from platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, palladium white, and other colors to create a look that is truly unique. For that extra sparkle, brides can also add in different colors of stones and diamonds and request unique shapes such as squares, crowns, rails, etc.

bride and groom holding hands

Infinity Symbol

The infinity symbol is a very well-known symbol that is embraced by all different cultures for many different reasons. While it likely means different things to different people, the sign itself is an unbroken line that is in a continuous loop.

For some people, it is believed that the meaning of the infinity ring is perfection, dualism, and equality between men and women. This approach to the meaning of the infinity symbol makes it a beautiful symbol for a man and women who are exchanging vows.

Vintage Wedding Bands

For those who love a more vintage feel when it comes to their wedding band, using a family heirloom is one of the best options. These rings have likely been in the family for a long time and will often have very distinct characteristics that other rings do not have, such as family shields, old patterns, and unique stones that are harder to find.

For grooms who are trying to find an alternate wedding band for a non-traditional bride, consider asking the family if there are any older rings that could be restored or reborn.


Finding the perfect wedding band might be tricky, but there is definitely the right one out there waiting to be discovered. If you’re having a hard time choosing, consider using your engagement ring as a guide in terms of shape, color, and style. No matter what the style of the bride and groom, the perfect wedding band awaits!

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