5 Popular Wedding Website Tools for the Happy Couple

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Engaged couples take their time to design stunning wedding invitations, but today, the communication doesn’t end there. Many couples use websites to communicate the details of the big day.

As a guest, these pages contains everything you need to know about the wedding, such as the date, location, registry information, and how to RSVP. As the bride or groom-to-be, this website is an outlet for showing off engagement photos, as well as a handy tool for managing the guest list.

If you’re recently engaged, you’ll find that there are dozens of wedding websites to choose from. How do you find one that both you your partner will like? Here are five sites to consider to announce your big day:

  1. The Knot. The leading site for wedding information has a tool for couples looking to create their own website. There are more than 100 designs to choose from, and, once you choose one, you can switch whenever you want. You can customize your site as you please and add guest management tools. You can create a customized URL that you can add to invitations, websites, social media sites, and more. You also get a planning checklist, budget tool, and registry so you can always be on top of everything for your special day. A cool thing about The Knot is that with each registry purchase, the site makes a donation to the charity of your choice. Best of all, all of this comes free of charge!
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  1. Joy. Joy offers many bells and whistles that other sites offer, but you don’t have to pay a dime. It includes a corresponding app as well as modern templates and solid organization. You can collect photos that the guests take and share them on the site. You can also showcase your wedding party (maid of honor, flower girls, etc.) and create a section for frequently asked questions so guests have everything they need to know at their fingertips. All of this is free. The site, however, does make it hard to work with photos, and some of the designs are fairly generic.
  2. Appy Couple. Appy Couple offers many trendy designs for your site. The guest list is compatible with spreadsheet software. Guests can download an app so they can see all your wedding details on the go. While the designs are stylish, some are a bit more over the top, especially if you’re more of a minimalist. The site isn’t as intuitive as others, and, because you aren’t given all the options at once, customization can be a challenge for some. Depending on which package you choose, you’ll pay a one-time fee of $39-89.
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  1. Wix. Unlike the other sites listed above, Wix is not specifically for weddings. It’s a basic website builder used in a variety of industries. So, while it doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles like guest list management and corresponding apps, you can customize the site to fit your exact needs. Plus, it’s very easy to use. You can control the text and images as you please, so, if you enjoying dragging, dropping, changing colors, and resizing, you’ll love playing around with this site. Wix does come with three wedding-related backgrounds, and, once you choose one, you’ll be given hundreds of background options to choose from. You can even choose your own image if you want. Wix is free unless you want to get rid of the top tab and footer banner, which would cost you $10 a month.

When it comes to announcing your upcoming nuptials, you’ll find many options. In the end, it depends on your style, preferences, budget, and what you plan to achieve with the site.

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