4 Beautiful and Affordable Places to Get Married in America

When it comes to weddings, a lot of the time it’s all about location, location, location. Many people like to have destination weddings for their nuptials, where they can travel with friends and family and enjoy the scenery before their big day. Whether a couple chooses a location because of a special significance or just want to do something different, it’s always fun to travel somewhere new to celebrate a happy couple.

For those brides and grooms who are trying to decide on a place to say their vows, it can often be a little overwhelming with all of the options. From sandy beaches to chilly mountains, there are locations all over the world that offer wedding accommodations, so it can be hard to know which place will be best for you.

For happy couples who are trying to find the perfect place for their wedding, consider the information given below to learn more about 4 beautiful and affordable places to get married in America.

Sienna mesas in sedona arizona

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is quickly becoming a very popular destination for tourists, not only because of the amazing weather but also because of the gorgeous backdrop and affordable prices. Generally speaking, Sedona is relatively more affordable than the surrounding areas, and it’s always nice for guests to have some extra spending money after they pay for their flights and accommodations.

Guests will also be able to enjoy beautiful golf courses, incredible wildlife, and a healthy mixture of both desert and forest terrain. Sedona is known for its famous red rocks, which make the perfect location for some outdoor wedding vows as the sun sets; once it’s time to really relax, the bride and groom and their families can partake in red rock jeep rides, hiking, and excellent shopping. Sedona is definitely a great option for an affordable and scenic wedding location.

Savannah, Georgia

Grand water fountain surrounded by alley of mossy trees

Couples who are searching for a rustic, well-preserved location for their wedding vows should consider a location like Savannah, Georgia. Savannah is impressively more affordable than the surrounding areas such as Charleston, and it’s brimming with historic charm that can’t be matched. The cobblestone streets and well-preserved mansions are something out of a fairytale and make the perfect backdrop to say your “I Do”s.

While the streets might be quiet in Savannah at night, guests can enjoy small, local dives in the downtown streets that are perfect for rehearsal dinners and after parties. Local bed and breakfast locations go for $200/night or less, so the stay is incredibly affordable for such a picturesque location.


Utah skyline against mountains

If you want breathtaking views of red canyons and snow-peaked mountains, then the state of Utah might be a great place for your wedding vows. Utah was one of the top 10 most affordable states to get married in the United States, at an average spending cost of $20,337.

Not only are the views gorgeous, but there are many affordable locations that brides and grooms can consider, including quaint bed and breakfasts, skiing resorts, churches, and historic farms. No matter what kind of wedding theme you’re looking for, there is certainly an affordable venue that will meet those needs.

For example, the Alpine Art Center offers a reception facility with costs anywhere from $900-$2,500, while a local downtown pub offers a full 7-hour rental on a summer weekend for $2,600, which includes a ceremony and bar insurance.


For those couples that want to head toward the heat for their wedding vows, a few of the less well-known locations in Florida could be the perfect spot for your wedding. Locations like Destin, Florida still boast a gorgeous beach scene and impressive resorts; however, they’re much more affordable than some of the more popular locations, such as Miami and Panama City.

Guests will certainly appreciate the beautiful waters and affordable resort prices, and this is one location that will offer picturesque sunsets for a beach wedding. Regardless of the season, couples who head to small resorts in Florida are sure to find more affordable prices, more options for guests, and weather that is just as beautiful.

Brides and grooms who want to have a destination wedding in the U.S. have a lot of choices, but it’s important to do some thorough research. There are lots of places in the United States that are less popular for tourists, but which are just as beautiful and even more affordable. To give your guests a clue as to where the venue will be located, you might add in some little clues in the wedding invitations or Save the Dates. This way, they can get excited about the mini trip to a beautiful location to celebrate your wedding day and start saving ahead of time.

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