Wedding Venue- Charley Creek Inn

12806054_10153944319537905_1742221025609179073_nFinding the right wedding venue has turned into quite the challenge. Every couple wants to have a place that showcases themselves and their unique personalities in it.  More and more couples have opted for venues outside of churches or gardens and are looking for places like vineyards and old classic buildings. Well, if you’re into 1920’s style architecture, a Wine & Cheese Shoppe with a wide variety, an old fashioned soda shop, and a restaurant/bar that is sophisticated yet takes you back in time to the roaring 20’s…I’ve found the perfect place for you! Charley Creek Inn!





Charley Creek Inn is a historic building in the little town of Wabash, Indiana. It is located right in the downtown area, which is full of small town charm. There are plenty of little shops, restaurants, and even an old timey movie theater all within walking distance. But that’s not what makes Charley Creek Inn so unique. It has came alive in the last couple of years as one of the main places to stay, and eat in Indiana. The atmosphere is sophisticated and charming, but it takes you back to the fun time of the 1920’s. The lobby is big and breathtaking, while the restaurant is beautiful and fun with a piano bar that let’s you sing along while you eat fabulous food- usually found in high priced fancy restaurants.


So, what makes this a good venue for a wedding? Well, they have had many weddings here. In fact there is a whole wedding venue package that you can get. And they most certainly know what they are doing! They offer complete wedding planning and coordination, full service catering, assistance with ceremony selection, reception area that can seat up to 250 guest, and of course they offer superior guest accommodations.  They have a banquet menu that is created by their amazing and creative chefs. Your guest will be blown away with the delicious food that is being served. To go along with your impressive table settings, take a look at all of our reception ideas.

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There are a few placing in Charley Creek Inn where you can have your ceremony or reception. There is a room right next to the restaurant, that serves as a very intimate setting, and there is the main reception hall downstairs that is very large and can accommodate a large group of people.


There is also the one-of-a-kind Cloud Club. The Cloud Club is their private room that is on top of their roof. Yes, you heard it right! It’s beautifully lined with windows all around, so you can take it all in and see all the beautiful sights. There is also a patio where you and your guest can go out onto the roof and mingle. The space can be used for either the wedding ceremony or the reception, or both! It’s a wonderful backdrop for any event.



And for such a glamorous  wedding we would suggest invitations that fit the feel. Take a look at a few of our more modern wedding invitations.Bride-in-Romantic-Suite

The best part of a wedding here is you don’t have to leave! Any room at the Charley Creek Inn is a honeymoon suite. Very convenient and luxurious.


Charley Creek Inn has lasted the test of time. The marriage between old time sophistication and a modern new experiences have made the Charley Creek Inn a destination you don’t want to miss. And the perfect wedding venue.


Find out more about Charley Creek Inn and the wedding packages they offer.


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