Wedding Venue 102 (Part II): Ideas for Wedding Locations

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In Part I, we shared four questions that you should answer when searching for wedding venues.  Now we’d like to add on to this piece and share a few ideas for places to have a wedding.  This post will be more of an addendum to the first question—what type of venue will you be looking for?  Weddings can be barefoot and backyard, or glossy and posh.  Determining exactly what type of wedding place you’re looking for will be one of the first steps to letting your planning efforts organically take shape.

Which of these places is the best fit for what you want in a wedding venue?

  1. Traveling to Another Locale

The Gist: Destination weddings are fun, hands down.  It will be particularly special if the bride and groom have a special memory attached to a location.  So, whether an hour away or a plane ride away, a destination wedding will be like an added vacation for all parties on top of the already exciting wedding ceremony.  When planning, be sure to check with resorts or wherever people will be staying to see what types of packages are available.

Things to Consider: Check to see what the rules for marriage licenses are for different cities, whether in the U.S. or abroad.  Some cities require x-rays or a blood test, and you will want to be aware of all of the requirements needed before getting a marriage license.  Also, the cost might not be as expensive as other wedding locations—it will depend on how you choose to celebrate.  The largest expense will be for the guests, so if traveling to an exotic or scenic location is in the picture, work within a budget that is affordable for everyone.

  1. Traditional Location

The Gist: A traditional setting is fitting for those opting for a religious ceremony.  A wedding at a particular house of worship will be the choice to make.  Often the religious ceremony will be in the bride’s hometown with a party following in the reception hall.  The traditional location is a good choice for a couple with similar religious beliefs or a large guest list.  A traditional setting does accommodate a large number of guests for the reception as well, which is a consideration to make that will also save a couple money on having to select a venue for the reception.

Things to Consider: For a directory of Christian churches, visit  For synagogues, try  For mosques,

  1. At Home

The Gist: Maybe you’re high school sweethearts that used to visit each other’s homes, or listen to poems of love requited at the windowsill.  Whatever the case, home celebrations might seem simple at first glance, particularly because the ceremony and subsequent celebrations take place at home or not too far away.  However, they’ll take some work.  Consider that while you’re not spending on a per-person reception rate, you will instead be in charge of providing dinnerware from glassware to coordinating napkins.  You’ll have to ask yourself, how much will it cost per person, and how much will dinnerware and drinks cost, too?

If it’s bug season, keeping the bugs at bay will also be something to consider.  Your lawn will have to be cut, and your home will have to look better than it’s ever looked for the guests, relatives, and acquaintances that will be going through during the ceremony.  After looking at the different elements you’ll be responsible for, is the home ceremony still something that you want to have?  If so, consider these next few things.

Things to Consider:  Be sure guests have adequate parking, and that all of the proper permits and licenses are in place.  Make sure that you also call the company for home insurance to make sure that you’re also covered for the day.

  1. The Road Less Traveled

The Gist: Are you the person who has visited random places, and thought, “Wow, this would be a great place for a wedding ceremony”?  Perhaps this place was a museum, park, or maybe even a theme park.   At first glance, these spots seem like a place to visit for fun, but for a wedding ceremony it could really make all the difference.  Also, prices might be more negotiable, because wedding ceremonies won’t be their main source of income.

Things to Consider: Make sure to get a copy of all of the details via email since the details will be customized.  Also, contact local organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce or local or regional arts alliances, for example, to learn of any other recommendations.

Once the venue is set, don’t hesitate to look to The American Wedding to assist with other planning needs.  From wedding invitations to favors for guests, we will work with you to make your wedding reflect who you are.

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