Wedding Signature Cocktails

Weddings are a very special occasion and the reception that follows is a celebration of the newly married couple. The most popular beverage for toasting the nuptials is champagne, but many couples like to add a personal touch to their drinks and, as a result, there is a growing trend toward matrimonial signature cocktails. With clever names and seasonal flavors these concoctions add a personal stamp to any wedding reception.

Choose creative recipes that speak to you and your groom. It may be a favorite drink, a part of your color scheme, or even your wedding theme. Consider the ingredients, because a complicated cocktail will take longer to prepare and may add to the cost of your bar. The best part is that there are no rules, and you can have fun with whatever recipe and name you choose.

Outdoor Summer Celebration

A summer outdoor wedding calls for delicious and refreshing libations. A popular cocktail for this occasion is a blend of vodka, raspberry, kiwi, apple, and lemon. The deep red/pink color looks magnificent against the traditional summer wedding color palettes. Summer passion is another splendid cocktail for a sweltering summer affair. The lovely orange cocktail is a blend of passion fruit juice, Grenadine, Frangelico Hazelnutliiquer, and Champagne. Garnished with a floating orchid, this cool floral-toned drink is perfect for a garden wedding and a sunset reception.

A Themed Affair

Your wedding theme makes a statement about your personality, and so should your bar menu. A signature cocktail adds personality and allows your guests to be part of the experience, because your wedding theme is extended to the bar. If you focus on glamor, try the Vespa Martini creation made from premium vodka and gin, with a dash of dry vermouth. Add edible gold flakes or glitter around the rim of the glass as part of your décor. Movie buffs can name their cocktails after favorite movies or actors, and a Southern wedding can have an iced-tea or lemonade bar. Your imagination is the only limit. Finally, you may want to touch on theme you come up with somewhere in your invitations.

A Traditional Reception

If the plan is to have a traditional wedding, but you do not want to serve champagne to toast your nuptials, choose a drink that has a special significance for you. Create a cocktail that features a drink from your heritage or love story, such the drink you had to celebrate your engagement. Name a cocktail after a meaningful event or favorite place, or after some element of your theme. You can still have a traditional wedding, but with a memorable personal touch to toast your happiness.

An Alternative Wedding

For the less traditional and alternative wedding style, an unusual cocktail will heighten the theme and look of the event. A Cotton Candy Martini complements a carnival wedding wonderfully. If it is more of a rustic outdoors affair, try a S’mores Martini served with miniature s’mores. For those of you with a quirky personality, a great cocktail to try is the Green Cocktail in a mason jar. This refreshing and fun cocktail combines gin with peach, green tea, apple, and lemon. The vibrant, green beverage served in a mason jar and sipped through a twisted straw will add a memorable talking point to your day.

Mocktails and Juice Bars

Fine dining establishments are pairing juice mocktails with their exquisite food, and this trend is catching on at wedding receptions. Cocktails are not for everyone, and some guests prefer a nonalcoholic beverage. To allow all of your guests to be a part of your wedding experience, include a mocktail or two in your bar menu.

Specialty punches, iced teas and lemonade are all good options, and some favorite recipes are the Independent Punch, which contains Cranberry Juice, Blue Gatorade Frost, and Diet 7Up; the Virgin Bellini, containing peach nectar and lemon-lime soda; and Mock Mojitos made from soda water and simple syrup, garnished with mint and lime.


Enhance your wedding theme and color scheme by including the presentation of your cocktails in your décor. Choose a great vessel for your beverage. You do not have to serve your drinks in traditional stemware. Serve your drinks in mason jars, tumblers, or some other form of glassware to match your theme.

Fresh herbs are a usual garnish which adds fragrance to your cocktail. Seasonal fresh fruit is also a wonderful and refreshing garnish. An iced-tea station or traveling cocktail cart adds a lovely accent to a garden wedding. Decorating the rim of your stemware in colors to match your wedding scheme will make the colors pop, or add decorated straws for fun. The options are limitless.


The personal touch extends beyond the recipe and name of your cocktail. Stemware, napkins, and coasters inscribed with the name of the bride and groom, and the wedding date are popular favors. If you want these items to be unique, think about adding an element, such as drink recipes for your guests to recreate once they get home.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are having a traditional church wedding, a garden party event, or a quirky carnival celebration, matrimonial signature beverages are a wonderful way to add a personal accent.

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