Wedding Across the World as Portrayed by Instagram

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Instagram is a great medium because it celebrates the power of the image. Not only do photos capture what words can’t, but they have the power to also capture a certain feeling. So it’s with excitement that we share these visually stunning Instagram accounts that we believe capture the essence of love, a feeling that translates easily across borders. Here’s a toast, of the electronic sort, to weddings across the globe as portrayed on Instagram.


We’ll start with the subcontinent of India, which is also still considered Asia. Indian weddings last many days at a time with ceremonies such as the mehndi, where hands and feet are painted.  Guests of honor also receive garlands, and rose petals are tossed to symbolize good luck.



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This image illustrates the intricate henna patterns that are created during the Mehndi event the night before a wedding in India. Generally, this tradition is with women on the bride’s side. A professional artist will apply designs to the hands and feet, and sometimes as far as halfway to the knees, of the bride and female members. The designs stand for beauty, spiritual awakening, joy, and offering.


This image is of the collection of the successful Indian fashion designer Manish Malhotra, who designs for many Bollywood actresses. The dress was shown at the exclusive Vogue India Wedding Show, which showcases wedding attire for bride and groom, along with jewelry. It includes advice from top industry experts with tips and masterclasses too. The event was actually just held in early August 2016.


Wedding traditions for Australian weddings are influenced by Western European traditions as found in the United Kingdom. Traditionally, brides still wear a white wedding dress. Rings are exchanged, and the bride and groom hold a wedding reception that is attended by friends and family. They also celebrate with a wedding cake. An older tradition is that a Bible might be given as a wedding gift to be kept as a gift for future generations. Generally weddings are casual, with receptions hosted at a park, at a family or public garden, or at the beach.





This couple weds (barefoot!) against the backdrop of the setting sun and an ocean landscape at Little Cove beach in Noosa, Australia. The naturally breathtaking scenery of Australia is definitely one of the country’s unique strengths for anyone planning a wedding.


A wedding in Hunter Valley, located in New South Wales, Australia. The river valley is famous for its wineries, and has the gorgeous scenery to match.


Now let’s make our way to Western Europe to Italy, where a glass of prosecco will get the toast instead of champagne. Once upon a time, Italian brides were known to wear green as a sign of good luck. Ribbons are tied around the doors of church buildings to let the surrounding community know about the wedding taking place at the church. A bride might rip her veil to bring good luck, while grooms might ward off evil with a tiny piece of iron.

The bridal parties are small, with usually just a best man and a maid of honor who witness the wedding. Once the wedding ceremony is finished, don’t be surprised if locals in the community yell “Auguri!” or “Best wishes!” in Italian. The car grille will also have flowers instead of cans at the back of a car as for an American wedding, for example. May la dolce vita (the sweet life) begin!

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For those who are already overseas in Italy, @sposiamovi shares a great selection of photos throughout the numerous backdrops of Italy.



The Instagram account of this wedding planner (SposiamoVi) shares images of Italian scenery


This account shows a keepsake package that includes biscotti and torchietto pasta. SposiamoVi shares mementos of Tuscany with their wedding guests.


One wedding was held at this 17th century dwelling in Milan called the Palazzo. Politicians and aristocrats once called this place home, along with Napoleon.

Known as the City of Love, Venice is a place that exudes romance. An old wedding custom in Venice was for the bride to walk to church in her second-best wedding dress, saving the best wedding dress for the dance with her groom during the wedding reception held in the evening.  The church procession would include the bride walking alongside her compare (godfather), and the groom behind her with his comare (godmother) on the side of the canal.

GhanaThings have definitely evolved over time as far as traditions with marriage in Ghana are concerned, but we’ll address the traditional marriage that is still an influential piece of Ghanaian culture. In the first step, a man’s parents will approach the family of the young woman he is interested in marrying. Called “knocking on the door,” this process requires that the family gives the gentleman permission to court the young woman.

Before a wedding, the groom will send gifts to the bride such as jewelry and clothes. An escort is sent to the home of the bride on the day of the wedding to bring her to his home, where libations are poured before she leaves. Brothers or male relatives of the young woman will require the groom to give another payment before she can leave the home of her parents. This is called the “brother-in-law’s knife.”



This account provides inspiration for Ghanaian weddings.


The couple is wearing kente cloth, a traditional garment worn by the Ashanti people of Ghana.


The bride shows two different looks, one traditional and the second influenced by the look of traditional wedding gowns of the Western world. The groomsmen also show western influence in their suits with a corsage.LebanonWeddings in this Middle Eastern country are big social affairs. The wedding and pre-wedding celebration are usually held in the home of the bride. First, though, the groom-to-be goes to the home of the young woman he is courting. The groom’s father asks the parents of the girl if it is okay for her to marry his son. If they say, “Yes,” then they have an engagement party that evening, or on a scheduled date. An engagement party will be held at a nice venue with food, music, and dinner, and it will be family-focused.

A party is thrown one week before the wedding ceremony by the family of the bride (called an arouss). The party is a celebration with only the bride’s family, not the groom’s. His family will also hold a party for him that same night. At the end of the night of the pre-wedding party for the bride’s family, the groom shows up, and everyone applauds.

One unique element to Lebanese weddings is that a party is held before the wedding ceremony, so the bride and groom are expected to party the day away. In addition, don’t be surprised if traditional bellydancing also happens at a Lebanese wedding, as it is a part of the culture. Food will also be served mezze style, which are small plates that are served with alcohol.



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The religiously diverse country of Lebanon includes both Christians and Muslims. This Lebanese wedding is held in a church.


Lebanese weddings have a reputation for being bigger and better. Many weddings are held in the home of the bride, although a venue might also be selected, as many weddings in the United States are. This is one of the more extravagant venues with a setup and space that makes the wedding appear to be like a show to be watched.

AmericanOf course, we’d have to include the wedding traditions of the United States. So here’s the rundown.


Pre-wedding planning includes sending invitations about two months before the ceremony and should be addressed via hand. High quality stationery should be used. A person who is invited isn’t required to accept the invitation, although congratulating the couple is a nice gesture.

Location, Location, Location

A wedding ceremony can take place at any location, and often does, considering that people have started to also incorporate non-traditional venues into wedding planning. However, churches are still a popular destination. The ceremony will also take into account the couple’s religious practices. The ceremony itself is rather short, with late guests running the risk of missing the entire ceremony.

Bride’s Dress

The most common color for brides is white or off-white. Sometimes rice is thrown at the end of the ceremony as a good luck sign for fertility.

The Reception

The wedding reception will usually include a full meal, particularly with longer receptions, and will have plenty of time for guests to mix and mingle with the bride, groom, and the family of each. During the reception, the best man and maid of honor usually send a toast to the bride and groom with memories and well wishes. Champagne is usually the alcohol of preference for this part of the festivities.

If dancing is a part of the festivities, the newlyweds will dance together with songs picked by the couple that have special meaning to them.

Tossing the Bouquet and the Garter Belt

One tradition that continues to be observed is the tossing of the bouquet by the bride. At the end of the wedding ceremony, the bride tosses her bouquet over her shoulder, and the unmarried woman to catch the bouquet is supposed to be the next to marry. The groom also tosses the garter of the bride to the unmarried men. The man who catches the garter places it on the leg of the unmarried woman who caught the bouquet. The garter tradition seems to be falling out of tradition in the 21st century, although still practiced at some weddings.


While gifts aren’t necessarily required, some families believe that proper etiquette is to give a gift in return for the expense of the wedding for the families of the bride and groom. Couples generally set up a registry with a shop or retailer to develop a list of items that they want. This could include silverware, fabrics, pots, pans, and china.



This Instagram account provides inspiration for wedding ceremonies and everything related to the wedding, before and after.


The President and First Lady were married in 1992 at the height of flannel, Nintendo, and the era of the Supermodel. They kept it simple and classic with a white dress (for her) and a black tux (for him).


Destination weddings, such as those held at beaches, are also popular among American couples.  The beach offers a more laid back, breezy element to the wedding, which can be a breather from the seriousness of planning.


An iconic image for an iconic woman. Jacqueline Bouvier wed John Fitzgerald Kennedy, again in traditional white, in 1953.  Isn’t it romantic?


Notice that this Instagram pic says #squadgoals. Comradery, like in many weddings across the world, plays a significant role in American weddings, with brides and grooms choosing brides maids and groomsmen who share meaningful relationships with them. Notice the #classic New York City backdrop.

We can’t lie about this one.  It took a great deal of research to bring this post to you, but we wanted to keep our audience well-informed about others throughout the world who have also taken their love to the next level by getting married. Love is a sentiment that knows, as we said earlier, no boundaries. Did you learn something new from this thoroughly researched post? We certainly did.

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