Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers to Consider

A good set of wedding toppers can be, quite literally, the icing on the cake for a good wedding celebration. Choosing a personalized cake topper is a wonderful way of expressing your personality as a couple while making your cake look extra fabulous.

With a bit of creativity, you can find a cake topper that really tells a story and creates a great focal point for your reception. There are endless possibilities when it comes to picking a truly unique and unusual wedding topper, from cute and quirky to romantic and classy. So, unleash your adventurous side with our selection of truly one of a kind cake toppers!

LEGO cake topper couple

Couple Cake Toppers

If you want to have a unique and eye-catching cake topper while still keeping with the traditional theme of the happy couple, there are plenty of options to consider. A LEGO cake topper is a cute and colorful idea that works well for couples who are in touch with their inner child. An adorable LEGO bride and groom would make a fun addition to any cake while still retaining that classic romantic feel.

You can buy tailor-made wedding sets from the LEGO online store complete with accessories like gorgeous LEGO flower bouquets and wedding rings to make your very own miniature wedding scene to adorn your cake. Of course, LEGO isn’t exactly hard to come by and, if you or your fiancé still have your own figures from your childhood, then why not customize your LEGO couple to really reflect who you are?

Playmobile figure wedding topper

Or how about some Playmobile figures?

There’s an incredible range of LEGO themes out there, so there are plenty of opportunities to get creative with body parts, hairstyles, props, and accessories for your little LEGO duo. One idea we love that ties in beautifully with LEGO cake toppers is to let your guests create their own LEGO figures and take them home as wedding favors!

If you and your spouse-to-be aren’t ashamed of showing off your geeky side, there are plenty of popular culture wedding cake toppers to choose. Superheroes are a popular choice, and an easy one to get right. With the abundance of superhero action figures available in any toy store for a few dollars, it’s easy to give your cake a geek-chic comic book aesthetic. Nothing says “I love you” like the Incredible Hulk holding hands with Wonder Woman atop your wedding cake!

Whatever you’re into, you’re guaranteed to find the matching cake toppers to suit your style.  From Doctor Who toppers (complete with Tardis) to Star Wars, Super Mario, and much more, pop culture cake toppers are a terrific way to show the world your true personality.

 Hobby Based Cake Toppers

Lego figures getting married

If there’s a particular interest or hobby that brought you together as a couple, then incorporating it into your wedding is a great idea. This is equally true when designing your wedding cake toppers – a unique topper that means something to you as a couple will make the cake much more appealing. The possibilities here are limitless, from relatively traditional ideas like a ballroom dancing duo to off-the-wall ideas like music or sports-themed cake toppers.

Are you and your fiancé fans of the same sports team? Cake toppers in your team’s colors are a simple but stylish way to personalize your cake, and you can even ice the whole cake to match. Whatever activity you’re into, from soccer to jet-skiing, with a bit of planning, a tailor-made cake topper is sure to put a smile on every face at your wedding.

You can also use your toppers as part of an overall theme for the day. From the decorations to the entertainment and even the invitations, creating a unique and interesting theme helps make your day extra memorable for you and your guests.

Animals and Nature

An ever-popular choice is to have the happy couple represented as animals. Once again, there are all kinds of possibilities for bringing your cake to life with adorable animal figurines. We’ve seen everything from cute penguins and rabbits to owls, puppies, and even pigs. Dinosaurs are a surprisingly popular choice – something about seeing a T-Rex in a wedding dress really seems to capture the imagination!

If you want to go a bit less cutesy, there are plenty of nature-themed topper ideas around that make for a classy, elegant topper to your cake. A beautiful tree or flower would look stunning atop any cake; or how about a full nature panorama for a really show-stopping centerpiece? Nature cake toppers are a great way to incorporate the season of your wedding, too. A stunning gold and auburn tree for your fall wedding or a snowy pine tree for winter are just a few possibilities.

Your wedding cake toppers should reflect who you are as a couple, so don’t be afraid to think out of the box. Show off your creativity with a cake topper that’s as beautiful and unique as you are!


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