Top Trends for Fall Weddings

While some traditions associated with weddings stand the test of time, others seem to be in one minute and out the next. This is particularly the case for weddings that take place in different seasons. Just like fashion, decorations and food change from spring to summer, and fall to winter. So, too, do wedding trends.

Fall is quickly becoming a popular time for couples to tie the knot. The weather is cooling down, event spaces aren’t as crowded, and there’s a downtime between summer vacation and the holidays looking to be filled with celebrations. If you’re thinking about a fall wedding for next year, check out some of the top trends for 2016.


Jewel tones are all the rage this fall, with a range of purple hues leading the way. Deep greens, blush misty blues, and ivory combine to create a Victorian-era palette geared toward brides with a traditional vibe. Those who prefer a more modern look will be thrilled to know that a metallic sheen on any color has become go-to for fall. In keeping with the season, copper is vogue. After all, it practically screams fall.

Choosing a color palette can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to please your bridal party (and your mother-in-law). Start by selecting one or two compatible colors you cannot live without. From there, add in two to three accent colors that complement, rather than overtake, your primary colors. These will only be used sparingly but will provide pops of color that pull everything together.

Naked Cakes and Other Treats

Naked cakes – those without frosting – were a popular trend in 2016. However, fall has brought on the trend of the even more naked cake with fewer tiers and no decorations or toppers. For those who really want to fit with the season, there are translucent cakes, which have a thin layer of frosting, much like the thin layer of leaves left on the trees. These cakes can be covered in honey or caramel for a theme color-coordinated with the season.


More couples are opting to have a small cake to cut for tradition and supplementing with other desserts. Pie is a fall favorite, with a number of types to choose from. Coordinate your dessert with the colors of your wedding: have a blueberry pie with burgundy tones or apple pie if you prefer gold colors. You could even make smaller, personalized desserts so each guest can choose a little of each.


Leaves may be an obvious choice for any aspect of decorations—but isn’t that part of the fun of the season? Try utilizing them in a subtler way, like on your invitations, your programs, or even your thank you notes.

One of the most popular trends for fall 2016 is creating and using untapped vertical space to its fullest. Build up, using arbors, chandeliers, or even all-natural materials like flowers and branches (it is prime time for beautiful leaves, after all). Rustic is an easy theme to pull off this time of year, and it can be adjusted to fit any level of elegance and budget.

Reinforcing a subtle motif can be a nice way to incorporate multiple seasons if you are on the borderline between two. For example, if your bouquet is full of peonies, put them on other items like your meal cards as well.

Pumpkins and gourds can be a fun fall motif, even for those not getting married on Halloween. They come in all colors, from dusty white, to green, to orange, and can even be spray painted to match your other décor if necessary. Use them to line the aisle, as centerpieces in lieu of flowers, or as gifts for your guests.



While some brides prefer classic pieces, those who prefer to stay on trend can rest assured that the fall 2016 runways did not disappoint. There was something for everyone, from voluminous Spanish-inspired dresses, to sheer silhouettes, to vibrant 3D florals. Brides who prefer to show off their midriff will find a lot of two-piece options, as will those who live for a full-skirted dress. A number of brides are choosing to go with a second dress for the reception, which is typically shorter and more appropriate for dancing the night away.



Say goodbye to well-kept, innocent sprays. Wild, bold-colored sprays full of freshly picked flowers are in vogue this fall. Depending on your color palette, choose jewel tones or go more neutral with pops of color. Less traditional brides may even consider weaving winding ivy vines or whimsical forest-like touches (pine cones and twigs) into their bouquets.

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