The Eight Best Wedding Gift Registry Sites

The wedding registry creates an opportunity for the bride and groom to make the ultimate wish list for their home and life together. Try to keep the number of stores you register at to two or three so your guests are not overwhelmed with options.

Ask for things you really need unless you have been living on your own for some time and have accumulated the basics. You can register to upgrade on linens, glassware, and cookware, or choose a more unconventional registry that allows you to ask guests to donate money to help you pay for the honeymoon or even donate to a charity of your choice.

Creating lists of gift ideas for your guests is simple and can be completed online. Numerous websites offer everything you may need in your new life – from dishes to linens and customized tableware.

Let’s take a look at these eight of the best wedding registry services, in no particular order.

Amazon Wish List

The wish list on Amazon is a simple service with a user-friendly interface that offers wedding registries. It’s a basic tool that is suitable for virtually every shopping website. Organizing the lists here is easy, as is adding comments and sharing lists with others.


The wish list is a great option when you want just a few items from a retailer but don’t want to create an entire registry.


Zola is an online registry service offering an easy interface to set up, browse, and customize that you can easily share with others. You can curate a list of mixed items – gifts, cash funds, and even experiences from any store around the web. It also offers the option of uploading photos and leaving notes for guests. The barcode scanner feature allows you to add items to your list from your smartphone.

Tiffany & Co.

The Wedding & Gift Registry feature of Tiffany & Co. is for couples who treasure the idea of family heirlooms. With timeless and beautiful jewelry and specialty items, this retailer is a unique registry.

Tiffany & Co. is pricier than most other retailers because these exclusive selections of goods can be regarded as family treasures.



If Tiffany & Co. seems out of your reach, Kohl’s is the perfect everyday registry. The registry is active for one year, and you receive a 15% discount on all the remaining items for 90 days after the big event.

A Kohl’s registry is a wonderful option if you’re looking for household items at reasonable prices.

Bed, Bath & Beyond

Bed, Bath & Beyond is one of the few retailers that offers a real one-stop shopping experience. It’s the ideal outlet for browsing through all household essentials, such as cookware, electronics, giftware, linens, and specialty china. They feature items from almost all the popular brands available at various price ranges.

Bed, Bath & Beyond also offers free announcement cards, discounts on remaining gifts, and expert registry consultants.


What’s the best part of creating a registry at Bloomingdale’s? It will remain active forever! You can keep it open to use for future occasions, such as housewarmings and anniversaries.

No retailer can beat Bloomingdale’s when it comes to first-rate fine china, kitchen essentials, and beautiful decorative accents. “Love. Cherish. Keep” is the motto of the shop, and their service and facilities will never let you forget that.



The concept of Thankful is different from other registry websites. You can mix traditional gifts with cash funds, gift cards, and charity donations in a single list. Thankful is your option if you want a registry with thoughtful and neat wedding gifts your guests will love to give. is an unconventional gift registry that allows guests to help the couple raise money for a large expense such as the honeymoon or even a downpayment on a house.

The website is customized for the couple and easy to use. It is more personal than simply shopping online, because guests get to connect with the couple and help create memories that last a lifetime.


Wedding registry services are wonderful because they save you time and stress, and allow your guests to easily choose your gift. To make the registry even more effective, include an invitation insert with information about your registries, such as the link and the name it is registered under.

Your guests are as excited as you about the new chapter in your life, and will want to choose a wedding gift that connects them with you. So, make sure your gift registry offers options and different price ranges to accommodate all budgets.

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