Stylish Takes on Christmas-Themed Weddings

Winter can create some beautiful natural wonders, while Christmas brings joy and festivity to the season.  Why not take advantage of what both have to offer for your upcoming wedding?  Some may initially shy away from a Christmas-themed wedding, but such events can be every bit as elegant and stylish as any other theme you could imagine for your big day.  All you need are some creative ideas and practical tips and, luckily, you’ve come to the right place for both.

Color Schemes:

The main opposition to Christmas-themed weddings has always been rooted in the concept of old-school red and green color combos.  Taking the direct colors and patterns from Christmas decorations and incorporating them into your wedding – especially if these are somewhat dated colors and patterns – can obviously prove tasteless, but red and green don’t have to be utilized in the same way, if at all.  If you like the idea of incorporating these traditional colors, then do so with a bit of a twist.  Combine red roses – a symbol of romance in any setting – with live greenery such as pieces of fir or spruce trees.  Other colors to keep in mind include white, gold or champagne, silver, burgundy (a sophisticated alternative to red), and icy shades of blue.  Bring these through to your invitations to ensure continuity.  Pair all of this with plenty of crystal and metallic accessories, and you’ve got a wedding that’s sure to sparkle.


As mentioned already, roses are a great option for a Christmas wedding and can be featured in a variety of colors that will still be in keeping with the theme.  Red roses are, of course, great, but so are white roses and yellow roses – particularly nice if you’re going with a color scheme that incorporates gold.  Other flowers to keep in mind include lilies, deep red zinnias, and white or red tulips, but perhaps avoid poinsettias, as they may prove to be Christmas overkill.

Your florals don’t have to be limited to just flowers, especially since this is the time of year when greenery is often showcased.  Include berries in your displays with various evergreens, and incorporate rustic touches such as wood, bark, slender bare branches – perfect for hanging decorations – and even twine.


Unless you’re going for a Winter Wonderland theme – something that could be truly breathtaking – then the lighting you incorporate should allude to warmth and coziness.  While you certainly want to celebrate the chilliness of the season, especially in the form of snow, the juxtaposition of warmer elements creates a sense of comfort and ease.  Use white lights that present a soft, candle-like glow (avoid bright, white LED lights that could produce a light that’s too harsh), and remember to incorporate them into floral arrangements and outdoor settings if possible.

Embracing the Outdoors:

If you can, utilize the outdoor setting of your venue and celebrate the winter landscape along with your nuptials.  Hang lights from trees to create a lighted avenue, string them around a gazebo, and even twine them up the trunks of trees.  If you know from the outset that you really want to incorporate the outdoors in your wedding, find a venue that will offer a lot of evergreen scenery perfect for taking wedding photos.  If the weather permits, set up outside and let nature intermingle with the efforts of the decorators, thus becoming a living component of the décor.

The Dress:

In keeping with the theme of a more unique wedding, embrace the Christmas spirit by opening up your color options for the wedding dress.  White can still make a big statement here, especially if the dress features beautiful lace – something to recall the intricacy of snowflakes – as well as pearls or crystals.  Gold can make for a very elegant and dramatic color option, as well as silver.  Don’t be afraid of red, either, maybe going with a deep, romantic burgundy if the thought of wearing a red dress worries you.

Practical Matters and Little Tidbits:

Remember that the closer you hold your wedding to the holiday season, the more likely it is that you’re going to run into scheduling conflicts.  Think of having your event fall more toward the beginning of December to avoid this.

Keep in mind that not everyone is likely to be a fan of the cold, so, unless your wedding will be in an area with mild winters, it may be best to have the event indoors.  If you’re set on having the service outside, even if it’s cold, provide your guests with warm throws, gloves, and scarves presented in a stylish gift set.

Daylight tends to be rather limited, later in the year, so, unless you’re wanting a night wedding – which could be pretty spectacular – plan for something after noon, but which wraps up by 3 p.m. at the latest.

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