Stylish Chuppahs


A chuppah literally means a covering or a canopy. During a Jewish wedding, this is where the couple stands. A chuppah, at a minimum, consists of four poles with a cloth stretched between them.

A chuppah can be very simple or it can be infused with the style of the couple and personalized to fit the theme of the wedding. No matter what sort of chuppah you select, holding your ceremony under a chuppah is a lovely way to make your wedding, no matter what religion you practice, more personable and memorable.

Floral Chuppah

Flowers can be used to make the chuppah stand out. There are a number of different ways to use flowers. One way is to choose a single color for decorating the chuppah, such as wrapping it completely in fuchsia.

Another option is to create a rainbow of colors using a variety of flowers. You can pick a particular floral palette, such as pastels. Flowers can also be used to evoke a particular setting. For example, the use of palms creates a tropical theme which is perfect for a tropically themed wedding.

Fall Wedding

If you are planning a fall ceremony, take advantage of the beauty of the fall foliage and incorporate it into your chuppah. The shades of brown, gold, and orange mixed with the green that remains will look stunning. You can add some of the surrounding foliage to the chuppah or accessorize the chuppah with olive branches, persimmons, maples, orchids, and similar plants, as well as add gold, orange, and brown hues to the chuppah covering.

Chuppah with Hanging Décor

Using decorative hangings from the frame to help set the mood for the ceremony is another way to outfit your chuppah.

Hanging flowers or candles enclosed within glass bowls help create a romantic atmosphere.  Butterflies or unicorns could add a spirit of whimsy. Decorative wine glasses or champagne flutes or colored glass balls can add a sense of elegance.

The suspended items help to highlight the personality of the couple and help to set the atmosphere for the ceremony and subsequent party.

A Chuppah of Light


Suspending candles or LEDs from the upper frame of the chuppah and wrapping or draping the poles in LED strips surrounds the bride and groom with a beautiful aura of light. The lights combined with the white of the chuppah create the backdrop for a very elegant wedding. Adding flowers on the top and along the frame adds an extra touch of panache.

Rustic Chuppah

Using items such as begonia, ninebark, sweetpea vines, feather acacia, ferns, salmonberry, and beech can give a chuppah a rustic feel. This is perfect for an outdoor setting or a rustic inn. Using wooden arches, rather than wooden poles, enhances the outdoor effect.

Beach Chuppah


Using a chuppah at a beach destination wedding is a wonderful way to ensure all eyes on are on the bride and groom. A chuppah constructed with birch poles or driftwood, and hanging decorations such as tropical flowers, shells, colored feathers, foliage, bottles with sand and shells, starfish, and similar items, will make the chuppah fit in with its surroundings and add to the beachy theme.

Paper Cut Chuppah

As a nod to Jewish tradition that also adds a modern and stylish look, you could consider a paper cut chuppah. Paper cutting is a very traditional Eastern European Jewish artistic style, creating art out of verses or designs. The paper cutting along the covering of the chuppah allows light to flow through them, illuminating the wedding party and everyone beneath it. Wedding vows or other aspects of the ceremony could be cut into the covering and the reflections of those on the floor further enhance the ceremony.

Lace Chuppah

One way of creating a very elegant wedding is a chuppah draped with lace. Adorning the frame of the chuppah with elegant lace and enabling it to arch over the bride and groom creates a graceful backdrop for the wedding ceremony. Matching the lace with the lace of the bride’s veil or gown further enhances the ceremony.

Quilted Chuppah

You can celebrate family and friendship, as well as give guests and loved ones a role within the wedding by creating a quilted chuppah. Each guest contributes a square reflecting his or her best wishes for the bride and groom or some thought about the couple. The squares can be sewn together to form a quilt, and the quilt is used as a covering for the chuppah. Each guest is able to make a contribution to the ceremony. The newly married couple can take the quilt home as a keepsake.

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