Striking Flowers for Holiday Weddings

White poinsettia holiday flowers for weddingFlowers are a beautiful part of wedding décor that can really help set the tone or theme of your wedding. If you’ve chosen a cozy winter wedding around the holidays, you’re in luck! There are so many beautiful flower options to complete your décor and subtly reinforce the holiday spirit.

Bouquet of red roses accented with bejeweled white flowers

  • Poinsettias: These are the traditional flowers of the holidays and, while you can’t put them in a bouquet, they are perfect for large, lush arrangements. Use them as pew markers at your ceremony or accent the dance floor at your reception. The vibrant red makes a strong statement, while the icy white is perfect for a classic holiday wedding.
  • Roses: The most traditional wedding flower, the rose is perfect for your holiday celebration. Luckily, roses are in season year-round so you can enjoy these beautiful flowers throughout your wedding. They are perfect on their own in a bouquet or as an accent to lush greenery. The color options are nearly endless, so you can choose the perfect shade to match the rest of your décor.
  • Anemones: Traditionally thought to ward off ill wishes and usher in spring, anemones are definitely an underappreciated wedding flower. They have a black center and come in a variety of petal colors, though white is especially striking for a winter bouquet.
  • Peonies: These beauties add gorgeous, soft texture to a full and lush bouquet. They can be difficult to find in winter, but you won’t find more romance than a bouquet of white or blush peonies in winter.
  • Stephanotis: For the bride looking to add a little bling, look no further than stephanotis. These small, star-shaped blooms are often enhanced with a crystal center to give your bouquet and arrangements a little extra sparkle. It is always white, so it will fit in perfectly with any color scheme.
  • Sweet Peas: With a very similar look to an orchid, the sweet pea is a perfect, fragrant accent to any bouquet to add fullness and depth. They bloom in cold temperatures and offer many shades of blue – a rare color for plants. Botanic lore attributes the meaning of blissful pleasure to these flowers – a perfect sentiment for your wedding day.
  • Hypericum Berries: These little berries are wonderful to add texture to an arrangement. They come in green and every shade from pale pink to crimson, but the bright red look almost like holly berries for the ultimate holiday feeling.
  • Brunia: Taking an icy, snowy approach to your holiday wedding décor? These little silver berries will be just the trick to add a touch of chill. They look beautiful tucked into the gaps of a full, organic arrangement.
  • Blackberries: Pass the fruit! While summer arrangements feature citrus fruits like limes and oranges, winter weddings can have their own sweet touch. A little blackberry vine can take a typical bouquet and make it a whimsical, wintery wonderland. Depending on when they are clipped, the unripe berries can range in color from green, to red, to purple – all the way to black, in a beautiful ombre effect.
  • Dusty Miller: A favorite among floral designers thanks to the fuzzy texture and its appropriate meaning (happiness), dusty miller is becoming one of the most popular greenery options. The beautiful silver color is wonderful to frame any bouquet. You won’t be able to keep your hands off of it!
  • Seeded Eucalyptus: Add this to your bouquet for the scent alone! Seeded eucalyptus is a versatile type of greenery with great texture, featuring silvery-green leaves and clusters of seeds. It is the perfect choice for loose texture and can create a beautiful cascade bouquet. It is also one of the longest lasting types of greenery, so it is great for garlands or wreaths.
  • Cedar Bough: Does it get more wintery than adding the bright greenery of cedar? While pine needles can be sharp and messy, cedar gives a similar look with beautiful texture. It can be used sparingly for a subtle winter feel or clustered profusely to bring the outside in.

Bouquet of peach roses

Choose just one or two of these flowers to bring subtle holiday cheer to your winter wedding, or combine them for the perfectly snow-inspired celebration. You can even match flowers and greenery to your festive invitations. Consider carrying a pageant style bouquet or a cascade to maximize the cheerful spirit.

It’s always a good idea to choose flowers that are in season. They will be less expensive, so it will help keep your flower costs within your budget. And, trust your florist! Collect some example images, stipulate some flowers you want and some you definitely don’t want, and then let them get creative! You’ll love the fragrant, lush result.

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