Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

This traditional, good luck saying for brides dates back to at least the mid-19th century, but likely goes back much further. It is supposed to be good luck for a bride to be given something that is old, new, borrowed, and blue by close family members or friends.

Something Old

“Something Old” gives the bride an opportunity to honor someone special in her life. Whether it is her mother, grandmother, or future mother-in-law, the bride’s “Something Old” is guaranteed to be a cherished part of her special day.

It used to be very common for a bride to honor her mother by wearing her wedding gown. With all of the new fashion trends on the wedding scene these days, most brides have a vision for their wedding gown before they even get engaged. Brides-to-be look forward to going shopping for “the dress” with their family and closest friends.

There are many ways to incorporate your mother’s gown without taking away the experience of choosing your own wedding gown. Depending on the style of your dress, it can be very easy to remove lace, pearls, or beading from your mother’s dress and incorporate it in your gown.

Another idea is to create accessories from pieces of your mother’s gown. Parts of a vintage gown can be perfect for creating a veil, or even a wrap to go around a bridal bouquet.

Something New

“Something New” may be the easiest of the four to pull off. Most brides purchase a brand new bridal gown, shoes, and accessories for their special day. Incorporating “Something New” can be the perfect opportunity to add a unique piece to your day-of look. A statement necklace or elegant, dangling earrings complement a simple wedding gown. Pearls are a perfect pair for gowns with detailed, intricate beading or lace designs.

Your “Something New” doesn’t necessarily have to be something you wear during the wedding ceremony. The reception venue is another space that allows for a special item to be used or put on display for the big day. A custom-made piece of décor or special dinnerware for the bride and groom would be a personalized touch, perfect for your “Something New.”

Something Borrowed

“Something Borrowed” is often an opportunity for another special touch. This aspect represents borrowed happiness, often passed down from generation to generation in a family. Brides are encouraged to borrow from someone who has an inspiring and long-lasting marriage.

Many brides choose to borrow jewelry or another accessory from their mom, grandmother, or sister. Another idea is to borrow a wedding accessory that someone special to you wore or carried in their own wedding. For example, some brides choose to carry a bridal bouquet that belongs to their mother or sister. Others wear a veil that was worn by a woman in their family or a very close friend.

Your “Something Borrowed” does not have to be clothing or accessories. You can simply borrow a reading from a wedding of a loved one. Even more special would be to have the person you are borrowing from do the reading at your ceremony. With their permission, you could also borrow a line from their vows to incorporate into your special promise to your groom.

Something Blue

Choosing your “Something Blue” should be lots of fun. The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding “Something Blue” to add to your wedding wardrobe! If any shade of blue is included in your color palette, you will have no problem finding “Something Blue.” Have your bridesmaids wear blue gowns as they stand by your side during the most important day of your life. If you enjoy the aesthetics of mixing a variety of shades into one event, have one girl wear green, another wear royal blue, and the third proceed down the aisle in a charming cornflower blue dress.

Accessories are always great tools for incorporating color into your wedding attire. As the bride, you can make your dress pop by choosing a blue necklace, blue earrings, or a trendy pair of blue pumps. You could also buy your bridesmaids a special blue accessory to wear to your wedding, and keep thereafter as a thank you!

With common additions to wedding ceremonies today, such as unity candles and sand ceremonies, it would be easy to incorporate your “Something Blue” into one of these popularity-gaining traditions. Using blue sand in your ceremony or tying a blue ribbon around your unity candle would be the perfect touch.

Final Thoughts

“Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue” is a timeless tradition that has been embraced by brides for years. That being said, the items through which you choose to incorporate this tradition into your wedding can be as far from tradition as a colored wedding gown! This fun tradition gives brides opportunities to add in personal touches and let their personality and style shine through on their special day.

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