Six Big Benefits of Small Wedding Vendors

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You’re engaged, and you’ve set the date: Let the wedding planning begin! Bringing all the pieces together for an epic wedding – no matter the size – is a time-consuming and expensive proposition. You’ll probably spend more dollars on this single day and the week-long honeymoon that follows than on nearly any adult purchase you’ve made so far. It’s right up there with house, car, and baby. With that in mind, it’s a great opportunity to funnel those dollars into small business. Being mindful of every dollar you spend for your special day multiplies the benefits.

Be Part of a Social Force for Good

The 2016 election year shined a spotlight on big business, and spawned unprecedented anti-corporate greed sentiment. Social media became a social force in encouraging consumers to avoid large corporations that ship jobs overseas and take advantage of offshore tax havens, in favor of small businesses that support their communities with both jobs and taxes. Purchasing the wedding products and services you need from small businesses moves everyone a step closer to an equitable economy.

Relieve Stress with Trusted Business Relationships

This is your big day, a life-changing celebration of love that you share with friends and family, so the details need to be right. When you choose independent wedding vendors, you are choosing people who live and die by their reputations. Many have established enthusiastic followings of satisfied customers – some for nearly 100 years – serving one generation after the other. Research small businesses, read their customer reviews, and choose those with a story you can relate to. Trusting that your wedding vendors will deliver on their promises is a great stress reliever.

Experience Affordable Luxury by Buying Direct

You don’t have to sacrifice luxury when you hire small businesses. In fact, they’re often able to elevate what you thought you could afford by cutting out unnecessary middlemen. When ordering wedding paper products from save the date cards to thank you cards, and everything in between, buying direct from the manufacturer supplier can offer you premium products at value prices. Also, check your area’s “best of,” “editor’s choice,” or “people’s choice” awards when looking for wedding photographers, planners, florists, musicians, and other wedding essentials.

Be the Beneficiary of High Value Quality Products

Family-owned small businesses take great pride in delivering the same phenomenal level of service as the previous generation; in fact, many times trying to best them. The owners identify with the long family heritage – it’s as much an identity as a business. They’re invested in maintaining value and quality for each passing generation. Small business is the operative phrase. After all, Walmart is a family-owned business, but at revenues of over $476 billion, that’s hardly the small family business you’d expect to stake their reputation on quality, or even care about your feelings.

Enjoy the Ease of Buying Wide-Ranging Products at One Place

Small businesses that have been around for a long while have evolved and expanded over time. This helps the busy bride and groom who want one-stop shops as often as they can get them. If you can get an entire coordinated collection of products: save the date, menu, table number, and place cards, napkins, coasters, cake servers, glassware, cake and favor boxes, and favor tags that match your invitations, wedding programs, and thank you notes, why wouldn’t you? Add to that all the paper products for the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, engagement party, and bachelor/bachelorette parties. It just doesn’t get any easier than to be able to use a single vendor who can coordinate and deliver everything you need.

Feel Cared About with Personalized Customer Service

Small businesses still operate from the perspective of getting to know the personal style and needs of each customer and meeting those needs. They have added perks like free catalogs, free samples, toll free numbers for placing orders, and online ordering.

Customer service staff members are trained to work through problems, and the top of the food chain is never far away. They’re also competent to give advice and answer questions, having advised and provided service for thousands of couples before you.

Most importantly, small businesses know you have choices. They want to make you a loyal customer and garner referrals from you, and they treat you like gold for the opportunity. Once you discover that working with small business means reaping the rewards of working with real people with integrity who care about your satisfaction, you’ll never go back.

What has been your experience working with small, independent wedding vendors?

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