Secrets Your Wedding Photographer Wants to Share with You

Some people have an emotional attachment to everything related to their wedding day – from the dresses to the photographs and even the invitation. Your wedding photographs and videos are truly special and provide memories that last a lifetime.

Choose a photographer whose personality meshes with yours and with whom you feel comfortable sharing your most intimate moments. Seasoned wedding photographers have attended many celebrations, so they know what it takes to capture magical, whimsical, and natural photographs. If you want to get some stunning and Pinterest-worthy wedding photos, pay attention to these secrets your wedding photographer wants you to know:


Communication Is the Key

Your photographer is experienced and knows the demands of such high-voltage events, but he’s not a mind reader. Chances are you have some very specific and well-thought-out plans for your wedding day. So, it’s crucial to communicate these ideas to the photographer so he can capture the story exactly the way you want it told.

Let your photographer know if your wedding venue has any historical or unique charm you want to include, or if there is a specific culture or theme you want to be represented in the photographs. The more your photographer knows about these specificities, the more intimate the photographs will be to your event.

Remember to check your venue for the photographer’s access. Some religious venues limit where and how many photographs can be taken. Access should be negotiated and confirmed well in advance of the wedding date.

Be Yourself

Your photographer is not interested in recreating Pinterest images of another wedding. Every person is unique, and so is his or her temperament and persona. So, imitating others may yield beautiful images but they won’t narrate your story.

Pinterest and blog wedding photos are a huge source of inspiration, but don’t ask the photographer to recreate them for your wedding.

Consider allowing your photographer to spend the entire day with you. Most natural shots are taken while the wedding party is getting ready or at an intimate moment during the preparations or after the ceremony.

Storytelling Works Better

Years from now your photographs should reflect the magic you felt on your wedding day. Offer the photographer insight into who you really are. Tell him the stories of your first meeting, the spot where the magical proposal happened, and some sweet moment of togetherness. This information will help the photographer express your love story through unique and enchanting pictures.

Love to Experiment? Go for It!

Rules are made to be broken. Don’t let your wedding planner or traditions create a picture that you don’t want to be a part of. Follow your heart and do what you feel comfortable doing.

Let the day unfold naturally to get your own exclusive photos.


Forget About Your Expensive Dress

Those beautiful images of newlyweds holding hands with a backdrop of a wonderful sunset or strolling in sunlit fields need some orchestrating. So, don’t be too fussy about keeping your clothes unblemished. Some of the most beautiful and spellbinding images may result in a grass stain or two.

Creativity Needs Space, So Does Your Photographer

A photographer needs freedom to be creative and take pictures when you least expect it. Each couple and every location are different, and a photographer has to capture those exclusive moments through his lens.

Don’t suffocate him with too much instruction. Too many what-to-do and what-not-to-do instructions are a distraction. The photographer’s goal is to capture the true essence of the event.

Be Alone for Intimate Photos

A break from guests and family can yield magnificent intimate photographs. Some grooms and brides can feel embarrassed if asked for intimate poses in front of their friends and family. Some people don’t get excited about wedding portraits, but, if you give your photographer some leeway, he will make a simple moment, such as strolling hand-in-hand, appear romantic.


Light Is Everything

Good lighting is instrumental in capturing great photos. Bright sunny days and the hours before sunset offer the best times and backdrops for taking wedding photographs. Avoid an overcast and gloomy atmosphere, as well as the harsh light of midday and early afternoon. Consider black and white photographs where lighting is limited.


Looking at your wedding dress, sweet wedding memorabilia, and wedding photographs are some of the best ways to reminisce about your wedding day. Pictures can restage the magical day, and allow you to share every moment with friends and family. So, listen to your photographer and let him exercise his creativity to capture those moments perfectly for you.

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