Personalized Advent Calendar: Surprise Your Fiancé with a Custom Advent Calendar

Christmas tree decorated with lights and ornamentsIf your wedding is just around the corner, celebrating the holidays may feel like just one more stressor in your already crazy life. And, who has money for gifts with a wedding coming up? One way to save some dollars, and maybe your sanity, is to agree on a Do It Yourself (DIY) Christmas with your fiancé.

One great DIY gift that will help you celebrate and bring you even closer is a personalized advent calendar. You can write something you love about him behind each door so both of you can remember your relationship throughout the craziness December brings.

Christmas advent calendar counting days in DecemberWhat Are Advent Calendars?

Advent calendars are traditionally used to count down the days until big holidays or events such as Christmas or Easter. Usually, there is a numbered square counting down every day for the month leading up to the event. You can open the corresponding square each day to reveal a small prize or message. This builds excitement leading up to the event and helps pass the time while you wait for it to come.

Children’s advent calendars usually have chocolates, candies or small toys such as Lego pieces   behind each door, but adult advent calendars are becoming more popular. A French company recently released one called the “Beery Christmas” advent calendar. It counts down the days to Christmas by revealing a new craft beer each day. Although you may (or may not!) be interested in the idea of a beer calendar, you can create a completely personalized one which is relevant to just you and your partner – perfect for counting down the days until your holiday together.

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Advent Calendar Ideas

With your wedding coming up soon, these holidays will be the last you spend as a single lady. It’s a great time to think about traditions you love and want to keep in your new life, and other new traditions you want to begin. An advent calendar may be something you enjoyed as a child, but it is also a way to start a conversation with your fiancé about the traditions from his family that he would like to do with you. Ask him if he would like to make a calendar, too, and it will be easy to talk while you are crafting.

For your adult advent calendar, write little love notes for each day instead of placing chocolates or candy behind the doors. Some ideas of what you could include in your advent calendar are:

  • Write down favorite memories of your time together. This can help you reflect on your relationship and strengthen the bond between you even while things may be getting crazy in your lives.
  • Record a hope for your future lives together to remember to focus on planning for a life-long marriage, not just a wedding.
  • Copy a quote or song lyric that expresses your feelings better than you could do for yourself. If you are writing your own vows, this is a great way to find something to include in them that will have double meaning on your wedding day.
  • Create an acrostic poem. You write down an adjective that describes your fiancé for each letter of his name.

Traditionally, the gift on the 24th is slightly larger than the other 23 days. You could write a longer love letter to put in this one. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you make your personalized advent calendar as reflective of your relationship as possible.

How to Make an Advent Calendar

Making an advent calendar is very simple. For a basic calendar, follow these steps:

  1. Get a mini muffin pan with 24 holes or two regular muffin pans with 12 holes each.
  2. Cover the front of your muffin pan with some nice cardstock or wrapping paper to create your basic calendar. Cover each separately if you are using two pans.
  3. Mark the places where the muffin holes are and cut flaps in the paper. These will become your doors which you will open each day to reveal the hidden message or gift.
  4. Place a message or gift inside each door. A small token from your upcoming nuptials might be appropriate. Perhaps you could decorate with your favorite colors, following the theme of your wedding, or with a photograph that means something to both of you.
  5. Place the calendar somewhere you will see it every day. Try to set aside a time to enjoy opening the doors together so you can make it a memorable and meaningful time.

If you enjoy this idea for the holidays, consider making one to count down to your wedding as well! It is a great way to set aside some time to be together and connect over something other than wedding plans.

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